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Basketball shoes on the high-imitation several issues purchased online

wisdom8524562010-03-15 23:10:25 +0000 #1
I like to play, but also very fond of shoes, especially designed for NIKE and ADIDAS shoes, Skateboard also quite like it, but can not afford the real thing is too expensive. So, want to buy some high imitation of the shoes, to imitate a little like the quality better, the best field of shoes, so wear points. Also requested to provide some informed netizens purchased online web site. Appreciated. (The most favorite Paul Rohweder Howard James, Kobe Bryant shoes)
ikinarituanzi2010-03-15 23:14:44 +0000 #2
Since it is a fake, then why buy it? Quality you feel better?

Getting Started shoes also can not afford do? Once on shore, off Adi, NIKE shoes around the primary entry also 400 or so a

If this think it is high, I suggest that you consider Asics, this brand is not sold in mainland China, how to, but his stuff is absolutely top class, 70s, dominated the NBA, Tiger brand is him. Comparison of general Asics shoes discount ruthless ,3-6 fold, so a pair of shoes sold 5,600 of the 2,300 are not uncommon.

If there is not, go to Decathlon to buy blue items less than 200

anyway, that is, do not buy fake shoes. Wear comfortable shoes is not like
tianronglei2010-03-15 23:46:10 +0000 #3
Support emporium Adi Wong! ! ! !
bevinzzd2010-03-15 23:34:20 +0000 #4
Of course, NIkE and ADI's shoes are indeed very nice design very beautiful, but since it is their own wear, I think you do not need to buy imitation, in pat, and Taobao have a genuine than boutique ranging from 200 yuan cheaper. But if this price you can not accept, then you can still go to pat, Taobao up evaluation found some good, sold quite a lot of shoes to buy.

I was originally more interested in buying fake shoes, but in fact the quality of those shoes are really not very good, the best will also be able to support a year, a few years ago I bought a pair of Nike's 2K6 imitation shoes, wearing a for one year. There are dangers imitation shoes right foot is not small. If you really still want to buy fake shoes, then I suggest that you do not buy with a gas column or cushion, and, as though looking quite good but very practical, air-cushion, and gas column belong to the science and technology, but the imitation shoes definitely do not as good as field shoes, you can buy Nike's dream season, comparison.

The end, I suggest you better not buy fake shoes.
YE Feng Zi Jin2010-03-16 00:43:45 +0000 #5
such as shopping malls to buy the bar when the season changed at that time can be basically playing four folded like this little bit of that time, the price could accept such individuals is not recommended to buy the shoes very easy Wei are particularly vulnerable to injury if the foot is not under consideration Li Ning, Anta ah domestic brands are still very good cost-effective



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