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A74567262010-03-16 01:11:27 +0000 #1
My 16-year-old 1-meter 76 I aspire to basketball like basketball, but my stamina is also very thin weak body will always beat a tired, I like Allen Iverson dribble like the speed I have only good, but like the old but if it fails its own attack could be bad I can play all the other strike do?
baby527772010-03-16 01:21:27 +0000 #2
height is not high enough to play guard if you want to lay a solid point guard, or would like to stress the basic skills but also have the appropriate physical

point guard with good passing the ball required fast break can be aware of potential energy long shot

Ball of: First Practice in situ dribble dribble with one hand when you should pay attention to retaining the right hand dribbling the ball like you need to do protect the ball on the left hand moves the focus down to the knee bent in front of his eyes to look at not staring at the ball (very important) practice dribble should pay attention to detail and to develop good basketball habits

familiar with the practice will continue after the ball one-handed pull-situ practice all around, and then pull the ball left his hands in situ crotch so unlucky in situ under the conditions

a site familiar to dribble in situ After the movement of the ball-handling can practice change to Taiwan stay ahead of the main exercises, etc.

STOP unlucky turn when practicing dribbling dribble should pay attention to changes in the frequency of the ball so to help you improve and combat-type, and suggest that you practice at night, transported This would raise the ball of the ball faster and more

pass: usually a person's exercise pass effect was not very good and if the conditions allow you to find a practice with the first practice ball chest pass with both hands to pass their hands hit his head with both hands pass one-handed both sides of the ball with one hand on the shoulders of skilled pass pass pass behind the practice, after practice you can pass at the same time pay attention to pass and catch the action on the details of

passing consciousness is founded on deep pass basic skills on the ball when playing in peacetime must have awareness of the multi-pass multi-pass sudden vacancies ball can practice sub-consciousness is by the accumulated experience and clever mind this thing varies with individuals

quick attack: First, take the first ball of Lianshu sprint faster then that is the most important is the awareness of this need under the fast break and teammates practice

long shot: long shot need to have correct posture and a stable shooting percentage of hits that should their efforts not practiced

practicing basketball Shortcuts need accumulated efforts have not born losers although physical conditions restricting their own development, but hard work and effort can make up for deficiencies in some aspects can be taken seriously hope that you will return your basketball basketball drops -

playing so many characters exhausted me What had I do not understand can contact - ---
oiokol2010-03-16 01:49:36 +0000 #3
basic training should first solid perimeter shot is of the

with the outside must be maintained to ensure the strengthening of the break

I believe you will succeed
h4526308972010-03-16 01:41:52 +0000 #4
starting from basic training it, do more strength training, dumbbells Han's!



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