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Nets Harris issues.

137,130,9992010-03-16 04:11:03 +0000 #1
Harris, then the independence, and only know that shot. Moreover, percentage of hits was so underground, why did not the Nets traded him?
Zhe-xi Invincible2010-03-16 04:23:55 +0000 #2
Harris is right or wrong All-Star player (All-Star Game selection last season), he is the organization after the bit, but all aspects of the sub-capabilities are not bad, imagine he passed the ball to someone else and then someone else a vote of no entry and his own score which is good, the Nets are really very few who can score, but he usually how to play all coaches in the field by row, adding that he and Lopez are the only two Nets non-trading player, because They are all young and potential.
Xiao-Peng Peng pig VS2010-03-16 04:46:36 +0000 #3
because the Nets scored the most uncertain point is that he ah



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