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Ji Qiu a breakthrough two questions about basketball

zhaoyuan17412010-03-16 04:11:11 +0000 #1
NO1 I am a new freshman for the school teams, with the old team to play their good health, confrontation can be a disadvantage, but a little depressed that they defend a breakthrough, when the guard dribble pretending to move close to a breakthrough step they are not here with open arms card is not pressed steal it from stretching his arms to push back the attackers, and then go back and pushed forward in a very silent if such a defensive foul if commit how small a guard break

NO2 Picture a long arm and legs of the opponent face how to protect the ball a breakthrough will not be broken
ffbgff2010-03-16 04:21:11 +0000 #2
give you a two suggestions! The first is their technological breakthrough, that is, you have to increase the speed of change, or add significantly to the pace of change and increase the shot fake! This is a take a long time for exercise! The second suggestion is to see Nash's breakthrough video, he is very smart, in the event pushed sideways when you choose to place jumper or simply diving! While the ugly, but the basketball goal is the kingly way!

As to your second question, you can choose a ball in a breakthrough way ahead of schedule as far as possible not to let his actions do changed to the fake body bit when the ball is in the rear, so your ball control is to visual the 1! And the defender usually selected at this time steal!

In short, your technical proficiency, increase your courage!加油!
Blind test Blind Test2010-03-16 04:40:47 +0000 #3
If they push the obvious, of course, is fouled. However, if it is the kind little trick, and that they are not exposed gap it? You can turn around with their arms outside of ah.



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