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A good one center

a8528257962010-03-16 08:11:13 +0000 #1
My 184cm 100 Duo kg was not running fast not too slow. Be able to dribble a very bad encounter ring less likely to break, I also rely on the basket jumper 啦 scoring, rebounding not bad, but I do not cover pot, because I fear foul, who can help me solve this problem, can help jumping and dribbling ability to enhance the best. More points can be extra points.
﹏ residual "Monthly2010-03-16 08:23:43 +0000 #2
Your Q is a bar I know you clatter 852,825,796 fact that you have a relatively successful 啦. is a response to a bit slower... jumping ability, and slowly strengthen the bar practicing and thought they dribble more than Hehe thank you
alex_tango2010-03-16 08:31:49 +0000 #3
center of the ball-handling ability is not the focus, as long as you can shoot the basket on the dribble the ball after the step is almost enough.

bounce training, online there are many training methods, and previous training methods I have seen have a video, the United States , personal feeling good, you can look at Baidu. reminds one, spring training is the most tired, but persevered a lot.

as the center do you go to break, break other people's things. you go to break, first you have location overlaps with others, and the second you give the other side of the basket. stopped the basket, and actively defend and protect the backboard, is a qualified center of. 184cm 100 Duo Gongjin should be considered heavy in it, so you basket Card-bit comparative advantage, physically strong and useful than anything else, make good use of your body, people should first try scorers top over and then shot, you just look at specific methods to be able to see an NBA game.

cap you In order to understand the other side where the re-shot the ball. In general, blocks, steals and the like there is a greater risk, if unsuccessful easily given a chance, so defense is based on the best way, so that he could not Susu services serving more than one shot of the cap is likely to foul a lot.

on the bar, hoping to some extent.
burning の fly beans2010-03-16 09:21:08 +0000 #4
In fact, a good center need not have high body very strong muscles, the main things basketball consciousness. for not cap, it depends entirely on how you look at your opponent, in fact, sometimes even if you cap a foul, and would give the enemy a psychological pressure, the next as long as you near him, and put on to take-off cap moves, the opponent will have the psychological fear.

jumping ability is very simple, but very boring, that is, weight-bearing. you every day with sandbags near 10 to play until game time off to feel very light.

This is also a practicing dribbling ability, mainly depends on a person's sense for the ball.

all right, when a variety of training dribble, do not be afraid Do not be afraid shameful defeat, and gradually will be skilled in use in the real competitions,

I have just the freshman dribble the ball when the run will be lost, then that is their constant contact crotch turn around and behind the dribble, and now I can be in the running in the face of the enemy to my defense when the use of technology, skilled with the ball in
DScully2010-03-16 09:32:46 +0000 #5
center inside the strongest, when the center first to have a good strong body, we must strive to play strong inside, the gun a good blue cricket is mainly a good place before the card, and then wait until the ball is in your top when the pre-take-off than others, so that more better protect blue cricket, pay attention Do not jump too early, so if jumping is not good, not only not strong blue plate, but also by others going strong, by the way say, before someone else grab a good position, only the comparison sample insurance, if there is an accurate ability to judge, we must first determine there is such a good shot of the pop-up routes to facilitate better grab a good blue-plate. or look at their skills and their own usual practice, and then a good look at the books or watch more TV Village center technology, which is like you are at the center position to gradually people's recommendations. and encourage each other jun! Make the best of my answers to the answer bar!!!! Thank you !!!!



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