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Jumper problem

a459108000a2010-03-16 08:11:53 +0000 #1
jumper how to improve arc ah? ? ?

I do not Cuoa jumping ability can touch the hoop!

I jump shorter than I could hit the ball not being covered, I was hit I throw the ball
audikg2010-03-16 08:22:19 +0000 #2
Hello, I am Tigers B team players are very happy to find a person who likes to play, playing basketball need to jumping ability, but also need physical fitness and speed, jump shot is actually very simple, as long as you are willing to practice, what can be, I was a small forward, Regular jump shot, first of all you want to have range, first of all should maintain good posture, you might say is not enough power, it should be practiced, first, push-ups, under a 40-day, two times like, then sit-ups, a 80-under is also a twice a month after you will feel a strong upper limbs, and then you can learn jump shot, and Bryant's investment law is the standard, you can refer to, I hope you enjoy! You must be OK! =% BF% C6% B1% C8
HAIXL2010-03-16 08:52:11 +0000 #3

before a Xiongtai said the city is right

must train well only a strong upper body strength


the best use of wrist and fingers, dribble hair strength

regularly practicing moves on the shape of the

another shot points must be high too much and I've shot the low point may easily be covered

right, take a look at Bryant's jumper Wani will be felt,

want to help Wani,



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