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qq21387932010-03-16 10:10:47 +0000 #1
NBA 2K10 MP mode, I played a few games in summer tournament being laid off - by NBDL teams hosting NBDL has now hit the market finished fourth NBA team how could it have to I sent a request ah I play the PG

This is what circumstances?
Long name of the public T2010-03-16 10:21:04 +0000 #2
then you should adhere to, ah, can not give up as much as possible every game to get A or A plus, not only through the ability to obtain high-value point, but also you can get in the NBA favor of a team's key to get straight A few games will have good luck should come, I just played it more than 20 games into the NBA, and I hope you can have a good time, smooth entry into the NBA.
shi I am your brother2010-03-16 10:23:59 +0000 #3
As long as there is definitely a good performance of NBA teams to invite you, just playing a few consecutive games and hit A + standard, there will be the team to be your, PG to multi-pass multi-mark on the easier, but do not over - mistakes
chengzhiwei1692010-03-16 11:15:47 +0000 #4
there is a game mode, opened up the game on the list
lucky Strong2010-03-16 11:49:50 +0000 #5
persist, persist, A + on five consecutive games into the NBA, and I play is also PG, I am now playing a season, and In the Magic won the championship, are you patient, each time playing inside look at the performance that you and your opponent's Bipin, try to make the red line bias you, I played in the development of the League eight games, and then was magic to the election away, Oh, be patient, pg good inside joke in the mp, fueling it, I hope my answer gave you something to help, there is the problem ask me
ywy0062010-03-16 11:21:26 +0000 #6
does not have to get A or A + like, can enter the NBA team mainly depends on the completion of each task you have the efficiency of 3 per game, if essentially completed the task, then I tried an average of B or so each task is completed, but guarantees the success of the case still remain team, but every game has to take A + Basically, there are one or two tasks are not completed and the results have been delegated. After N times S / L, I think the team can stay in the main tasks is to see the quality.

Modifier of the problem does not know what you are used modifiers, if it is Jinshan that are generally not what BUG, but I only met the pop-up BUG! !

In the MP mode looks like only the PG in order to serve as tactical commanders, so if a PG, then call a general pick and rolls, then the handle in the right direction should be the No. 1 key plus key, that is, pass key, then put up should be the pick and rolls No. 4 team (PF) or 5 (C) a higher position on the ability of that one up pick and rolls, if the PF and C, there is your deduction will then brush assists a good chance. If you are using a keyboard, then I more remote places, it is recommended to play 2K or using the handle of the good, Hehe 20.30 look!

I wish you played with pleasure!
TSP_pig2010-03-16 11:16:25 +0000 #7
Play PG really crash. . .

Playing defense more time to nausea, there may be my ability to not do ball. . . .

So I play SG, as a swingman. . . .

Amount. . . Back to the topic. . .

Anyway, training camp will not be cut to play is god. . .

NBDL be able to continuously play a few games A + will be able to enter NBA. . . .

Now my little SG in the Heat play SF. . . .

Also Hunde good. . .


with all the love 2K brothers encourage each other. . .



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