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gggogoaall1232010-03-16 10:11:06 +0000 #1
After practice, shooting the ball, dribble some progress, but I recently played with a number of people, my teammates were shooting the ball can break into, but one passed me, and still be able to breakthrough, but the a shot to be sealed, and pass was closed, I wonder if jump is not high enough, or strength enough, or fast enough rejection not open other people, how can I do?
SOYBEAN Lord2010-03-16 10:17:17 +0000 #2
Are you saying that is easy to shoot back hat?

Note that so few!

Shot speed, time difference, defender and your distance from the curvature of the ball shot! If the anti-death pass, do not force shots!

Pass has been closed?

Avoid, do not arbitrarily jump ball! Do not hesitate to pass the time. To observe, they prefer playing slow points, a solid point, Do not worry!
Inter-Microcomputer Love2010-03-16 10:55:18 +0000 #3
concise tell you: eyes want to see ahead a little, wide point is to have fake action
linying22010-03-16 11:01:36 +0000 #4
You obviously are a very new rookie right .. .. those who can not get more practice. . your body used to it.'ll find the best time to hit and pass. Nature is not so easily be sealed, or steal a.

how can there be a shot or a pass on the disposable. is certainly the way you shot Or used to be incorrect. people can be very easy to judge your actions .. so most of the exercises can be.
liuchao59782010-03-16 11:57:09 +0000 #5
just someone to see your pass line, aiming the opportunity to pass, do not hesitate to practice basic skills at the same time , with particular attention to break through pressure waist, dribbling the height must be low, bearing in mind the shot speed, usually you can hold the ball just spring up, but it is not really face the basket, and thus felt to find a breakthrough when the practice as well as the acute turn Stop changing the
Cheng Yiming COCO2010-03-16 11:45:09 +0000 #6
make good use of your body

mind is crucial to a clear mind to seize the opportunity to use the body to sway the other side
! You can use your peripheral vision to observe each other's mobile

The key is to have confidence in ourselves to be calm

I am a professional there is any need to ask



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