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Guiqiu! NBA live2007 2009-2010 players the latest patch

V Pure Love2010-03-16 11:10:03 +0000 #1
to the latest sent to thank the
だ Tz ± ╃ じ ★2010-03-16 11:16:46 +0000 #2
PS: I have already received a warning some people not to patch against Baidu of water, my patch is to update the LIVE player, not make you anti-I used to copy the water! Thank you co-operation.

has been sent to you, Lou Zhu attention to the investigation, installation methods have been described in each e-mail received 136189073.html see Louzhu reviews

patch update to the February 5 (content has been updated below) - 07.08,08 X Universal

- has been sent to you QQ E-mail, please note that the next check (if due to an excessive number of downloads, or file date. can not be downloaded, please Baidu HI I)

including the latest patches and photos facial patch, the players list, and this season the team's retro 7 jerseys and sneakers patches (which can be in my room for Baidu HI look at me cross-sectional sample map ---)

"NBA08 (07) far the most lists (List updated to February 5, 2010 (February 1 Warriors Team signed 10-day test will - Carr, February 2 signed Cedric Knight - Jackson, February 5 Rockets re-signed back to Taylor), updated the Bobcats, Cleveland, 76, Magic, Jazz, Trail Blazers, Raptors 7 Detachment of the latest retro jerseys) "I have the latest and most full-player (coach) face patches, photos, patches, shoes patches, imitation 2K patches, Lou Zhu Baidu HI I can always guarantee brought up to date.

Ps: If you have any patches for my comments or suggestions please give me to mention that helped me to better improve the patch, thank you for long-term support, if we find that some of his face missing please tell me , which will help me even more perfect patch

Note: I patch a lifetime warranty, and constantly update ..... Rockets have included Will - Conroy, and there are photos, face, Louzhu have trouble if they feel easy to use help me to confirm in the next Baidu



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