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Basketball expert guidance comes. I beginner basketball

zhuohenggou22010-03-16 12:10:10 +0000 #1
I novice basketball. I ask how can the ball with a solid?

I like to play point guard. But the ball is unstable.

In addition to ask. That changes to the hard to learn? I want to learn changes to the
quxiujuan8882010-03-16 12:16:10 +0000 #2
breakthrough techniques:

breakthrough first of all, Hold the ball to be steady, the focus should be stopped and could not move feet, relying on skilled dribbling protected strike, if you are fast, you can use the sudden acceleration to extraordinary, if your fast enough, you fraud action, variable speed, variable to cross under the extraordinary tired. Guarding the ball depends on your basic skills and experience. To tell you some ways a breakthrough.

A cross-step break

[action method] to his right foot so central foot, for example. Feet or so to open cases, knees peg-leg, the body center of gravity lower, between the ball and the chest and abdomen. Breakthrough, the inside of his left foot before the foot pedal quickly, the body slightly right, the left shoulder forward under the pressure, center of gravity to the right in front of moving to the right side of his left foot in front of and together, cited on the right side of the ball, then dribble, central pedal forward and together quickly overtook the defensive.

[Action point] tread across a positive, switch to shoulder to protect the ball probe.

2 cis-step break

[Action Method] ready to break through before the posture and movement requirements with the same cross step. A breakthrough, right in front of his right foot step forward, right swivel probe shoulder, center of gravity forward, right hand dribble, foot pedal quickly before the feet, the right front and together, breaking the defensive.

[Action point] tread across a positive, switch to probe the shoulder to protect the ball, and the second foot pedal quickly and actively.

3 turned and break

[Action Methods] hub left foot as an example to do. Turning its back to the basket standing, feet parallel to the opening, his legs bent, center of gravity lower, both hands holding the ball in the abdomen before. A breakthrough with his left foot axis turning, stepping right foot to the right side of the rear, upper body, turn right toes pointing to the rear side, right hand to put the ball in front of his right foot, left foot before the soles of his feet inside the pedal quickly, the direction to the basket and together, dribble break defense.

[Action point] to control a stable center of gravity. The right foot to the right side of the rear taken the right path to follow when the toes on his left foot before the soles of his feet inside the tread strong and active.

4 before turning breakthrough

[Action Methods] hub left foot as an example to do. Break before the action was turned and ready to prepare the same action. When the focus moved to the left foot on the break, the inside of his right foot before the foot pedal, the left axis, with the right foot before turning to the direction of the basket and together, the left shoulder to the basket the direction of pressure, after the left hand dribble leg thrust forward and together, break opponents.

[Action point] shift the focus of tread to dribble actions are aligned.

Finally, pay attention to break through before the fake in order to create a better time for a breakthrough.

Grab rebounds skills.

Rebounds, the key is to determine the awareness of the ball. Rebound the ball the best stations, should be about 1 meter around the basket. You have to determine which fall after the ball shot position. And hands, body to card bit, careful not to pull people.

Here are some videos, is the NBA center, "Warcraft" Howard teach you grab rebounds video for you to learn =% C7% C0% C0% BA% B0% E5 & ct = 301989888 & rn = 20 & pn = 0 & db = 0 & s = 0 & fbl = 1024

on the AI's basketball skills:

on the AI and the universe of fast-shooting skills in Predicament

1, first of all, face the basket with his right hand dribble, looking for You shoot a good distance from the right, cross under the dribble, transported to the left hand, and then transported to the right hand, do not cross-under Wan

2, the ball is in your right hand, not yet photographed places that moment, the right foot towards the right side of

step , the bigger the better, but no more than one step. Smoothly throughout the body, together with the ball to the right of the Akira click, and then quickly transported

to the left, this time to pay attention not to cross under the dribble as far as the body bends 1:00 /, this time at the same time the pace of the left rear legs 45 degrees, slightly backward, these actions have to be very skilled and fast /

[The above is started feint movement]

3, if the opponent does not react, [then you must be very fast speed], can act to vote

basket. If the opponent and took up, see the following:

When the ball into your left hand when he suddenly Ba Yao-ting up the right hand is also loaded with left-handed shot to do, pay attention, do not hit the ball
, or else you all know the consequences. ¥ #% 63! Do not move too much unnecessary for them to suspicion. When this is achieved a

will be very fast bending back to the previous dribbling position. Then cross under the dribble into the right hand, left foot make strides forward in order to

then cross under the dribble, the body has to lean forward, pretended to break very kind words, and brought to the left hand, left foot cross to the whole body re - La


4, this is the way the second deceived him, do not worry, keep on playing him once. When so returned, simply transported to the right hand, ran

followed by the same as the above, the right foot towards the right side of that, look at the whole body to the right-huang, and then pretended not transported to the left hand, left foot

is also a step to the left point, then to fly a long right hand to change direction quickly transported back to the right. The other think you should be like last time

as to the left, he would quickly shift to the left, then you will have a little bit of neutral gear, do not worry, this is the fourth time to play him when shipped back to his right hand and the body also go past the the other side, you have to wait for him to go back on the right, no, it should be said, when he is coming back

is the left foot towards the right to return against your time, then the above, bending rapidly and transported to the left, This brought

to the left, do not cross, it is very simple, and, grasp the other side cheated by you from the left came back, right

side back to the right, but did not stand a good foot, you look transported to the left, so will give you enough space to shoot.

5, the above move you can change, constantly changing direction. The most important is that action must be very fluent and fast. To the above, the most
, after one step, 90% are open to. Unless you are the face of the person is a very slow reaction, and you do too fast, then you should also know the consequences of what it is

--- (-0 -)

for everyone to introduce two bills to wear flowers

Butterfly Step 1: moves ago, left the right foot one step away from the left toe should not be too far away, 10 cm can be.

Step 2: left-handed dribble to the ground when the feet turn right at the same time open jump.

Step 3: left foot first touched the ground, the right foot to right quickly and together, while under cross-exchange for the right hand dribbling, pretend the right cut.

Step 4: right-handed the ball from the ground transportation starting at the same time, the body a rapid and substantial bow turn right, the right side of the ball home right palm, right arm Jinga waist in the body, his eyes staring at each other.

Step 5: The same is true again change hands dribbling extraordinary, too, such as knife-like bean curd, crisp.

Step 6: I see that the basket was defensive, while his right foot stepped into the tread "brake", followed by Tadao right foot beside left foot, knees into a shooting position.

Step 7: E-STOP retreat suddenly jump shot.

Basketball rules testing the waters where the provisions of the ball after only one dribble, one can no longer stopping transport, otherwise, it is double dribble. However, there is a move cut into the Kobe Bryant moves - testing the waters, and its process is dribbling - fake jump shot - and then dribble, its essence is changing hands on the dribble.

Step 1: right foot lifted, dribbling opponent's left shoulder toward the direction of dance feign a little taste of the right cut.

Step 2: right foot forward, after being slam the brakes, bow their heads, eyes looking at each other's heels.

Step 3: center of gravity down the left hand to do potential to stopping suddenly head upward Yi Tai, an emergency stop jumper position.

Step 4: the left hand, and no contact with the ball actually is still his right hand with one hand in the dribble, and then quickly changed hands to the left.

Step 5: defender after being deceived by fake jump shot, the focus of a moment float upward, this time left to cut.

Step 6: left foot into the Restricted Area, a look at those who fill the seats in front of this avenue has been blocked, high jump, and the "high point" pitch shot scoring method recommended in many of the class to see NBA basketball game! ! Take a look at how others are doing! Careful observation! They can certainly learn something you want! I am!

I wish you every success
a1615254332010-03-16 12:49:52 +0000 #3
basic skills problems.

First of all to exercise their own running and response capacity, particularly in space, is very important.

Change-line running, emergency stop, change to the run, is very important, power stronger, spring requires that half.

Ball of the problem, practice makes perfect in. . . . Basic dribble must do the same right-hand man skilled vacancies can not dribble with one hand, it is impossible to lay.

From a high point of dribbling the beginning, to a low dribble, shoot speed and rhythm control, the basis of the above good practice, and then practice changed hands, crotch, behind, and turned around on it. . .

Space's terrible and slowly come.
Mild lunacy2010-03-16 12:40:30 +0000 #4
ball beat instability would like to change to ... tell you, dribbling is not a film is driving it with the palm, fingers to press the ball ... when the dribble, we should shoot the ball forward 1:00, so that only good luck ... you are more at home and thought Bounce the ball, particularly in the left hand is used to drop the ball, after being projected into the right hand, smashed his right hand in the same way back, which is the ball of helpful
by wind, no speed2010-03-16 13:18:32 +0000 #5
To bring stability ball, you must first ball delivered steady, way is to spend more time and practice, waiting for you when the ball with a steady, change is easy for you to learn
mgghz2010-03-16 13:06:52 +0000 #6
guards of the most important thing is to point ah, ha ha. No other way, straining to practice it, is the fastest way to do lazy.
xiechanglun2010-03-16 14:44:21 +0000 #7
fixed-point shot two-point line back and forth next to him where the two lines to vote is to see a shot to play primarily whether the Right! Only for the Goal! ! !

Then, when at home, based on a person's training, and front of the mirror done shooting action, sure you want to shoot mostly posture should be comfortable, otherwise shots will be very difficult -

another one is to see that video NBA Street ball video, After reading it will want to play after reading a good feeling, and then holding the ball dribbling to imitate their actions practice, especially street ball moves would be good practice extraordinary feel more easily,

there is power, and the body you have to muscle a little bit of what to cite a few dumbbells, under

In fact, I said above are my basketball practice experience of growing up is never self-confident kid to play such a flat world is the process of training is making rapid progress Do not train on the pitch when it would like to progress must be a person Lianqiu practiced covered with sweat! How on her own extraordinary how good swing ready --- so your own style of play is growing increasingly evident stick

change is easy to just feel good when you are going to do like the point of feeling bad is difficult lie on the right time to change the ball to the center of gravity in the upper right-hand right-hand right-hand shoulder by pulling the ball back three movements wrapped up its right-hand waist to turn the direction of making false move and then pull back to this point is the most simple change to the Methods of to the left as it is just said was mainly hit the ball more naturally more familiar with these movements themselves practicing the most important pull I wish you so much for your talent to give full play 哈哈
kaka893302010-03-16 12:34:00 +0000 #8
Enhancing basic skills the most important time to practice regularly and try not to watch a soccer match at the same time when the practice of the dribble sprint.

Can tell fellow simulation training, such as he played the fierce defender, you try to avoid him, spotted the opportunity to him
KOBE41412010-03-16 15:49:25 +0000 #9
want to practice dribbling on the way, that is, patting the ball at all times, with the ball feeling , it will not be shipped lost! Change to the case, there are many, physical pre-change to the most simple, take a look at Vedra break open the action when the bar, simple and practical, there is a change to the crotch, behind the change to the general running and that are used in , this requires a good ball sense, as well as adaptability



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