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NBA2K9 PC too strong to beat ah. . Master pointing ---

157,723,7182010-03-16 13:11:34 +0000 #1
I technologically less food, the All-Star difficulty of the computer, but I shall strike, and to real data, I have a ball 12 minutes, the properties of no change. Rocket hit, and the old transmission and the other Paowei air cutting, air relay too strong, but old hat I, Yao are often cap. Have just played six minutes, each have only 90 or so physical, and can only be replaced. Comparison of quasi-shooting how to vote? Is the highest point jump shot do? Yao's how I have to use no hook. . . Please master Zhijiao ah! ! !
stoudmail2010-03-16 13:23:04 +0000 #2
According to my experience of playing 2K9, I think playing 2K9 need to be patient and not rush to attack, must be multi-pass, multi-hit co-stir up the opportunity to re-shoot, to ensure a higher hit rate . Especially when playing fast break, and sometimes look at the computer back on defense in place to slow down playing positions have been eager to cap off a layup Guarantee.

Anyway, playing 2K9 on the one, defense is kingly, the more urgent the more tragic lose.

As for Yao Ming is an old hat, I can only say that you are not familiar with the operation. Posted to 2K9 center of the low bar to see how the singles and the pace of the bar by out. Catch and of course, very easy to cast cap, and have a shake and fake footsteps of doing so.

There is another point guard to drive the ball when there is sufficient take-off when the room would make a dunk, rod etc, and inside was blocked, then waiting to pay cap on the bar.
z, etc. I have a day2010-03-16 13:43:43 +0000 #3
Yao Ming, but also playing with the Rockets do not need to hook the ball a direct shot ah hit rate of 90% is very abnormal Madison turned on the key breakthrough in the regular press is very easy to suddenly bursts into the buckle until the other players have the opportunity to give them Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady shot depends mainly on super
tianronglei2010-03-16 13:45:24 +0000 #4
I think the control key is the default

very good control
a3429108502010-03-16 15:03:06 +0000 #5
I Khan 2K9 super-easy to play I want you to go to Baidu's 2K9 learn the recipe for bar bar affixed to ensure practical



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