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ADIDAS basketball shoes what is a good point moving

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lucifor_mike2010-03-16 14:26:57 +0000 #2
Now if the formotion Billups is better, especially in the lateral movement in the players back


ForMotion ™ game for those who need to quickly change direction of the designed for athletes. ForMotion ™ to adapt to site conditions in the case of high-speed running to provide unmatched control, and can reduce the steering and the impact of sudden standing, so that athletes more comfortable calm and buckled down.

ForMotion ™ Story:

We are the Canadian biomechanics department at the University of Calgary tested features ForMotion ™ has achieved impressive results. ForMotion ™ can quickly determine the location of the foot, and let faster in the horizontal direction of hair strength. Beyond these tongue-twisting technical terms, that is ForMotion ™ for athlete's foot in the best position to rapidly change direction. They also found that athletes wearing shoes with ForMotion ™ technology, the feel more confident, more assured and thus the direction of hair at the level of force, you can run faster.

ForMotion ™ technology, the players can absorb emergency stop, break and change to the discomfort generated. ForMotion ™ works like a sedan with hanging system in the corner, reduce turbulence shocks. Similarly, ForMotion ™ allows you to leisurely movement more comfortable, reduce fatigue and risk of injury.



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