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Demand in 2010 Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Sports Basketball recruit a single time and the

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Hello, the specific content of the case.

Those who apply for sports training, the national traditional sport of professional domicile candidates must participate in the admissions office of the organization of the college entrance examination registration, apply for time, place and location of residence registration requirements please contact the admissions office, do not miss the registration time of college entrance examination.

(A) enrollment procedures

who satisfy the eligibility conditions for candidates are invited to March 1, 2009 -3, 20-Day invasions that my school admissions information network on-line registration, and carefully enter the registration information on candidates. This Office does not accept on-site registration. Candidates will be March 20, 2009 Application materials will be used in the form of Speedpost mail to my school admissions office (time to local postmark).

Candidates should produce for examination of documents and materials are as follows:

1, academic documents: Fresh Health and proof of student status issued by the host school, previous health, and submitted a copy of the original diploma. (Click to download)

2, grade certificate: 2 (inclusive) or more athletes, originals and copies of certificates.

3 The results prove that: Candidates must be provided with certificates of achievement-related books, Official Program units of the original or a certified copy of stamped seal.

4, proof of domicile: domicile candidates to prove the original household registration issued by the local police station.

5, "a single stroke of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Application Form": Candidates downloaded from the Internet, "a single stroke of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Application Form", each part must be requested by the candidate I fill can not be left blank. Candidates will produce a registration number online registration to write a column in the online registration numbers, photos, columns to be affixed to two inches then hat color photos, the last column to be a unit of the candidate by the candidate's political attitudes, ethics and make a comprehensive appraisal, and signed opinion and official seals. Candidates filled out the contents of the application form by the candidates I take full responsibility.

6, Photo: Candidates need to register when the registration form submitted to two inches with the version of Photo 2.

7, registration fee 280 yuan. (Application fee with the application materials, please do not join mailing, on-site confirmation to pay.)

(B) the relevant requirements

1, candidate must be reported by special certificates with the athletes in line items.

2, the candidates name on the registration form must be with my name on the same booklet, fill in the address bar admission notice by mail must be detailed, accurate and the recipient should be himself or immediate family.

3, "a single stroke, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Registration Form" and other forms from the candidates on their own in my school website fill.

4, Application qualification: I am the school will organize specialized personnel shall review the qualifications of the candidates who do not meet the conditions and requirements of those who apply for the abolition of the entry requirements. Candidates login registration system check eligibility results, in case of doubt can call us. Please candidates in strict accordance with my requests for processing.

5, physical requirements: Candidates who apply for school I have to go to my school medical school hospitals, medical examination as required by my school does not meet the entry requirements abolished. If candidates have questions on the examination results can be to my review of school designated by the hospital.

(C) eligibility of qualified candidates to be on March 25, 2009 -3 30 hold my identity to my school collection of digital photos, and went to my school medical school hospitals, medical examination results in my school campus enrollment system announced.

(D) of the Admission Form to receive the time and place: After the review meet the entry requirements and medical qualified candidates in the May 4, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Admissions Office to collect the "2009 Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Sports Training, the national traditional sport of professional entrance examination quasi - textual research. "

4, the examination

1, cultural examination subjects and the scores: political, language, mathematics, English, 4 Section. 150 points for each subject, total score 600 points.

2, sports and special examinations: the required optional items for a special test.

3, the examination time: Sports special examination time on May 5 -7, and cultural examination on May 9 -10

4, the examination Venue: Wuhan Institute of Physical Education.

5, candidates take the exam requirements: must carry, "in 2009 Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Sports Training, the national traditional sport of professional entrance examination admission ticket" and his identity.

5, extra points and exam-free admission requirements

with an athlete, a warrior technical grade qualified candidates, their cultural examination results on the basis of the original points plus 30 points; with a top athlete and above technical grade qualified candidates, their cultural examination results on the basis of the original points plus 50 points.

Access to the top three national sports competitions, the top six Asian sports competitions, and access to the world's top eight ball sports team events athlete, track and field athlete, martial arts and other projects projects Wuying-level athlete the title of world-class athletes (including retired athletes), exam-free admission after review and approval. Please refer to the specific exam-free candidates "Wuhan Institute of Physical Education in 2009 exam-free admission of elite athletes to inform the organization of work."

6, physical health status requires

Candidates must comply with the State Ministry of Health under the "general college entrance examination guidance for the work of" all regulations. I proofread exercise training, the national traditional sports in enrollment, physical condition, adds: hepatitis B or hepatitis B surface antigen carriers pathogen testing positive are not allowed to sit.

Candidates Height requirements: basketball, volleyball men and 175cm height requirements above (including 175cm), Women's 165cm and above (including 165cm); other items for more than 170cm tall and a demand for men (including 170cm), Women's 160cm and above (including 160cm). Height does not meet the requirements does not have the Examination. Above the national level athletes, the national competition the top eight, top three finishers at the provincial level may be appropriate to relax the height requirements in order to award achievement certificates, performance books, Official Program original shall prevail.

7, taking the principle of

candidates to reach above the cultural and sports admissions, and the ideological and political character assessment qualified medical clearances under the conditions of culture, sports, examination results a comprehensive assessment, merit-based admissions. Lived up to my requests for priority admission to elite athletes.

8, school fees, the standard

exercise training, the national traditional sports: 9000 yuan / academic year (in 2009 the tuition fee pricing department of Hubei Province approved date).

Hope my answer satisfactory.



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