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CSFBGGGG2010-03-16 21:10:04 +0000 #1
I heard that basketball in the United States influence in the first three coalition. Is it true ah? ? The influence of football and basketball who is high? ? ? ?
Brother Where jade2010-03-16 21:15:30 +0000 #2
Super Bowl the highest-ranking in the United States, basketball is the No. 3
Baicheng son2010-03-16 21:18:22 +0000 #3
NBA basketball on the high season, football season, football influence of high,

but, overall, the impact in the United States Soccer force should be higher, again for football.
Bian Tai Uncle2010-03-16 21:52:14 +0000 #4
In the U.S., the influence of basketball higher than the football, but football is the world's first movement.

Basketball in the United States is the third ball, baseball, and football is more popular.

The following is quoted:

First of all, said that Americans do not like football, as well as the Americans like to explain under the ball games, a little chaotic, no matter what bar

Although the United States is an immigrant country, but as long as the second generation, that generation born here or arrived here before the 15-year-old generation, no matter what their parents from the football kingdom, how football has been crazy, it seems the ball is no longer linked by fate. One thing is very interesting, Take the Anglo-American cultural roots of this two most countries, football is used in the former refers to the football, while the latter refers to the rugby or American football. In the United States, the real football to use the word soccer. Funny to say, when I use this word in the United Kingdom, people's eyes actually protruding out of his contempt.

In the end what is the reason Americans do football so lightly? I have not answered the essentials. On this issue, I am not a professional research staff, but only in their own way for hundreds of different understanding of Americans. For example, a certain times, I teach a class, one girl was actually the center of Mexico's National Olympic team, as well as a girl is a school tennis team players, but students disagree on the former, but it seems the latter is more popular with . To this end, I also took the opportunity to let the whole class the students discussed why Americans do not like football. Summarize, generally considered, for ball games and said:

1, Americans like fast-paced, multi-goals, high-scoring sports such as basketball, football, ice hockey, baseball, etc.;

Second, Americans like to hands and feet, limb-round collision sports such as football, basketball, ice hockey, etc.;

3, Americans like to significantly cool clothes, equipment matching, professional packaging, the venue demanding sports such as football, ice hockey, baseball, golf, etc. ;

4, Americans like to highlight the personal physical, technical and limelight of the movement, such as tennis, golf, etc.;

5, the Americans love a beautiful environment, Fang Xian casual elegant trappings of the movement, such as golf, beach volleyball, etc. .

Right above these points, I thought about all these theories are right, but they are fruit, not because there is a natural, rather than why they are. So what is the ultimate result of it? This is the full commercialization of the results of the United States, or based on TV as the main media, commercial results.

In the U.S., the first official broadcast television program in 1928. After 40 years of development, to catch up with U.S. television in 1963 the newspapers began to become the most important source of information, and this figure has maintained a growth trend continues, other news media, the people are gradually neglected, and even far left back, until the last 10 years, launched a challenge to computer networks. However, according to statistics show that most Americans still dominate the TV news and entertainment sources, the source location, the majority of Americans continue to get from television news and current affairs knowledge of a variety of leisure activities. From the 20's, the U.S. pilot of the television began to dominate it is not the government, not Hollywood, but the big industrial, financial and business consortia, almost all television stations and television programs are relying on commercial advertising of a private company to maintain.

The United States in the Western countries, is an exception, relatively speaking, only it is a "pure capitalist" countries, while all other Western countries, such as Britain, France and Italy, how much there is a certain proportion of state-owned enterprises. In other words, in the United States, the Government's major tax revenue, non-enterprises, the State shall not be profitable any organization, while the maximum of the cost of fee income (such as post offices), all of the profit organizations must be private. Even cutting-edge aerospace and all military areas, all by the state bidding with the private companies contracted by the full capital of the latter operated. In the United States only a very few government-funded, non-profit public educational television station (these stations have been reduced year after year, it had to resort to private donations〕, all TV stations are all operated by private capital.

From the start , the United States a variety of large corporations and big companies from a business point of view, praise broadcast football is one of the most uneconomical investment. up to 90 minutes of schedule, each second shot goals may or may not enter a ball . If the advertising spots at a time, we might have just missed a wonderful goal. This is not like basketball or other ball games, even miss a goal, replay what the problem is not, after all, just dozens of goals in the time. but football is different, and miss this time, perhaps the only, who do not want to assume such responsibility and blame. without advertising, television networks in what means to sustain themselves? In this way, since the 20th century, the middle of football begins with the U.S. television disappear, replaced by ads that do not affect the effectiveness of sports and competitions. Over time, from grandfather to father's generation, to children grandchildren, generation after generation, Americans the sport of soccer has lost the three-dimensional image of the sense of monasteries, losing to develop its mechanism of positive interaction, of course, also had no interest in more and more. said that more than 20 years ago, Pele attempt to reverse this situation, the person to the United States to promote soccer, but seems not delivered.

in Europe and all countries throughout the world Unlike the U.S., there are at least a considerable part of the stations are owned or funded by the Government, especially for a major football game, in general less advertising effectiveness considerations, or rest up before and after the start of the race when the spots, and some even prohibit any advertising spots. It is interesting that, do not say that the World Cup, I was in Europe, see some TV coverage of the international chess game, a delay that is more than 10 hours, and there is no advertising, which is simply a fantasy in the United States, killing do not believe.

One thing I still wonder, the United States the greatest emphasis on the civilian population of equality, while the football is inherently reflect a movement of the civilian population of equality But why does not the logic of the two related? you think about, take the country, for both the large and small, rich and poor, the old country's new State may establish a national football team; the same token, take the school, for both the colonel and small schools, poor-rich school school, old school new school, but also may establish a school football team.'s sole superpower like the United States, with a super small country like Togo, in the football field armies confront Tatemi " equality ", unless there are black whistle or a back-room deals. I remember a child, children are easily in any venue, put two bags when the goal will be kicked up. I have even seen in India, a group of kids actually played on a broken sound and color, canned . The United States casual one school football team, not necessarily even a country can support it. It may have to result from the commercialization of American capitalism, the global economic inequalities talking!

, however, fair to say that the United States a little more successful, that is, the aristocratic movement of ordinary people, such as the establishment of a public tennis courts everywhere, almost all public secondary schools, and even larger in public primary schools have been built tennis courts, baseball field or football field, and have a school team; almost all public universities have not only the school team, built venues and facilities, but also are open tennis, baseball, ice hockey and golf balls and other lessons for civilian students in any elective. the United States in general the golf course Membership fees very reasonable and low, to catch up with promotions, even when the Los Angeles area, the annual fee, but 200-300 U.S. dollars, or even lower. This is unmatched by other countries. In most countries, many of these sports are only wealth, privileges and status symbol. Another point the way may be noted that the United States are not all good at the sport promoted by the Government. Whether you hate or love this country, once it's young people fell in love with this movement, perhaps football's dominant ranking will change. fortunately no apparent signs of this, because the media limit its commercialization.
rice crust and shrimp of2010-03-16 21:27:20 +0000 #5
the United States is an influential NFL football Super Bowl

followed by the professional baseball league is the NBA

3rd There is also the North American Hockey League professional soccer in the United States

Of course, basketball is far less concern.
1 1 beard2010-03-16 22:45:37 +0000 #6
first NFL football Super Bowl, followed by the United States Major League Baseball, ice hockey league, nba, football not have a great influence ah
Zhejiang boy Hui2010-03-16 22:20:17 +0000 #7
Soccer is the world's No. 1 sport.



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