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Girls should be married to basketball boys Ten reasons

night silence2010-03-17 00:10:22 +0000 #1
1, a strong dedication to work

he can for his hobby to pay all our energies. In the future, he will certainly have their own careers they loved. Moreover, the man most sexy moments, one is his dedicated work time. So, to find an opportunity he was totally engrossed playing time, from the side a good observing him, you will find me to say yes.

2, never admit defeat the spirit of

As the saying goes, Man without first, Wu-free second. Basketball is the world's a big sports in the world, each player has collected from shooting low to high experience, and this process is the first phase - the hit rate is low, is a fairly long period of time. If you do not admit defeat the spirit of long ago abandoned. So, you want to play the men where to find an easy throwing in the towel hard for people. Movement so, life is also the case, or find a backbone and a man better.

3, a very gentlemanly

even by sea ridicule to the heart full of tears, Once on shore, after the match is still to be shook hands, big deal tomorrow, obtain other back. Gentleman revenge ten years no later than. Over time, players will develop a mind to eat do not mind playing, modesty and prudence of a good character. It is also a good husband, a necessary condition.

4, long patience

a team, not necessarily every minute would always score lead, but they will be the situation in backward time and spare no effort to find each one can be overturned opportunity at this time would need to be patient. The patient to adjust the attitude of patience to find neutral gear, and then give opponents a fatal blow. In your life, also there will be no composure whenever the time, so choose a patient husband bar, and then two people, as always, calm state of mind to face the common life.

5, super 抗击打能力

Each player must have tasted before being Takeo solidly hit the ground feeling, and not just once. Then, when he faced was not cold Takeo, but loving the small Fenquan, he also will not escape, but willingly to choose to be a smiling honest sandbags.

6, unusually attentive

as a player, basic skills is one of looking for fleeting passing, shooting space, day after day, year after year, his observation of absolute and Holmes incompatible from top to bottom. The same with you, he will not ignore your various feelings, including your a frown smile, every move. You are tired, he will help you; you are happy, he will be with you to enjoy happiness; you depressed, he will comfort you. Alas, there are husbands so that, who needs!

7, beyond the ordinary responsiveness

is also a basketball basics, reflex arc length are equally not suitable for this sport. Choose life companion, does not necessarily have to be Jet Li, Jackie Chan-like skill, but the clever something, can not be wrong.

8, 一级棒 psychological endurance

is not necessarily when there will be pot covers, not necessarily when it will rival quitting. Each playing basketball all develop a rocket collapsing on the left instead of panic, grenade bomb on the right without fear of the dauntless spirit. Life to go through ups and downs and twists and turns. A distress when they become decadent depressed person, you chose him to be your life companion do?

9, planning

to what and when to do, the players should be well-done in the matter of the heart. Every moment he has in his heart silently doing the program to calculate physical distribution, calculate each other's shortcomings, thinking each other's present position and possible location. Formed to do things carefully character, he also will your living arrangements of well-organized, the day after tomorrow is your birthday, it should open a party; Da Houtian which to buy rice, by the way the soy sauce, buy it back. Ah, that's it.

10, an extraordinary sense of security

There is no denying Basketball is an intense sport, but also against the fierce, precisely because they play basketball, usually trained to superior physical and temperament, generous shoulders, powerful limbs, for your shelter against the elements, always give you every possible way considerate and care so that you willing to be the happiest care. there is such a person in your side, you mess with something raw Africa, he was silent will trouble them altogether stopped into the bosom, all settle. owns it not qualified to be your boyfriend Mody!

Not every player can be the same time more than 10 reflects the very perfect,

but not because they do not have these advantages, but you have not yet uncovered, but also not been observed.

So, give him a little time, otherwise, you may regret it for life.

To sum up, basketball is not only a competitive sport, but also MM who mate choice were essential tools.

Buddies jack up bar. 哈哈! Just saw the article

Linghu Mengfei2010-03-17 00:24:09 +0000 #2
Top one!

Play basketball, play good boys, in addition to proof of his athleticism, but also prove that he had a flexible mind, agile, clear judgments processing capabilities. Meanwhile, the basketball playing good boys and in general gives the impression that he is very handsome (specifically playing time), give you a sunny, vibrant feel. Hit the ball well the boys to prove that he was something serious and responsible, there is strong Yoshikatsu heart and dedication to work, on the matter sought to carefully try.

Play basketball boys high are low, there are Shuai are ugly, and in the end choose what kind of, which depends on making a choice people have to choose direction. There is to practice sports, etc. After a 40-year-old after the obvious a lot more peers, young and teens, the body is also compared to other peers Health.

Benefits There are many oh. Training of sports people Chongqing Shigeyoshi. Anyway, selection and training of sports person's own the other half was not wrong! ! !
Au Yeung Ying Luo 882010-03-17 00:36:01 +0000 #3
did not find ah

Besides playing basketball boys are too high bar
xxchcxx2010-03-17 00:41:27 +0000 #4
rebut: playing basketball boys day bottles of water, girls every day had to ask him to drink something, money-burning ---- -
zhujingwei212010-03-17 01:04:02 +0000 #5
I love playing basketball, I am the top,
sanmenwei2010-03-17 00:49:31 +0000 #6
In fact girls hate boys basketball ignored her
strawberry pig2010-03-17 00:29:26 +0000 #7
The most important point to the sun
lengdonggege2010-03-17 00:46:20 +0000 #8
no money-burning 呀 not to bottles of water, do so every day I play also did not find the ball boy how Fortunately, the campus's not bad, but the park and professional more bad temper, bad is not easy to get along
blacksunrisejy2010-03-17 04:08:37 +0000 #9
suitable for young people, to wait until the middle-aged are finished
Small Hao Musou2010-03-17 04:46:54 +0000 #10
wait until middle age are finished
Rainbow wang2010-03-17 05:23:52 +0000 #11
pppahbu2010-03-17 05:26:25 +0000 #12
I who is in the basketball court, fancy I of
Divine Comedy Haizi2010-03-17 03:40:26 +0000 #13
playing basketball boys are quite good ----

watching them play also a kind of excitement, will and strength. As others envy of a vision, but not all basketball people who are like this, at least in part is not. To have the above-mentioned conditions, there is still far 嘞 --- NBA players are not always available!

Or at least praise men of reason ...

basketball should have such qualities!
yangyaozu642010-03-17 01:39:57 +0000 #14
the above arguments is that the very sense, to me that my 10 reasons for ah:
, as a love basketball, and playing for many years basketball team of people speaking, to me said, ah:

1. physical condition good

play basketball playing good, and most form a very good temperament is good, people long Shuai, and the tall, muscular great, so it is a good amount.

2. Perseverance strong

play basketball guy, and obsessed with basketball which repeatedly practicing every action, every day large amount of exercise training, not only training techniques, as well as shooting, muscles, physical, confrontation tactics. . . . . .

3. And strong leadership abilities

as a team member, not only is the core leadership ability, each one go all out to anyone who can handle a ball attitude has good leadership skills

4. There is a very strong resistance

including physical capacity, anti-strike capability, a critical juncture of the psychological endurance.

5. The fun more than

6. Extremely dynamic, the sun

7. Humor, bold, dare to express themselves

8. Careful and thoughtful

9. Articulate

10. Fashion and sing, will wear clothes



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