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cctv5 Why let guide nba Sun Cheng-ping, then? ? He explained the really Henlan!

meinibie232010-03-17 00:10:29 +0000 #1
Sun Cheng-ping, in addition to the players reported that the next name, number, age, nationality, etc., he would not explain the nba, Tai Lan, and explained how he still be allowed? ? I see no ideas, and helpless! !
spjia2010-03-17 00:13:49 +0000 #2
Sun Cheng-ping, Quotations


1. classical dialogue. "Zhang guide you during this time, the rocket problem how to solve it?", Zhang dancing to say, "I think the first rocket To resolve the attack, once again the defensive. Why? TU, attack should increase their own investment and Blue hit rate, a good defense to protect the blue board, when "So to suddenly realize, Sun-like ^^^^^^

2. Sun: Guangdong team Zhu Fangyu, Wang Shipeng and others, not only selected the national team, also attended many international competitions, but they also repeatedly selected for the national team.

3. Last year's CBA Finals 2nd Field:

Sun: Qing-Peng Zhang breakthrough in the use of height Chen Jianghua (Is it a breakthrough by height ah? According to this logic, Yao Ming, who had almost no break).

4. An ordinary layup, the Sun suddenly with his little sharp voice shouted a:! ! Good shot! !

5.12 On 29, a rocket to the Grizzlies. He went so far pipe Pygmy flying squirrel Damon, Stoudemire called ..... a small kangaroo

6. Suspended when the camera swept the pitch side, Sun did not know the master, a former Grizzlies coach to stay for too long, due to old coach, is certainly not the players, Sun Masters: "This is the United States, a local movie star." 7. "give Yao the ball ah, quick to ah, how not to ah!" teammate the ball to Yao Ming, errors of Yao Ming, "Oh, yes, Oh? you look at the given time do not give ... ... This time again a mistake and give the others to fight back."

8. I think the coach behind the suspension × × utter the least is very timely, the coach's suspension is to solve two problems: first, to catch up with their own how to score, score, and the second is how to stop the opponent. (To put it very good grasp of any flaws.)

9. Sun Cheng-ping: Bharti Dole voted six to eight in the Chang Ping: To

10. Boston right magic

Sun: strike! ! ! The team is on the 1st Trevor Ariza (mother of Trevor Ariza to the Lakers for two weeks to go on the goals that we just Evans, estimated that they did not update the list of players) and then to force the mouth, and Zhang Weiping Sun on the Egyptian people Vince is called a full 48 minutes as Trevor Ariza! ! ! !

11. I remember about 03-04 games a season, he suddenly emitted a: "NBA scoring many top players, like Francis 啦, 啦 Kobe Bryant about her." = =

12.92 years, a dream interpretation the match, he saw Malone said: Carl. Malone was called: power forward. Come on, power forward is a big forward in another way, is not Malone's nickname.

13. Sun Masters: NBA history, there is no one team can be the first time won the championship finals on 14. "A fan named Paul Pierce sent a text message, oh, or a foreign friends ... ... "
15. I saw the ball back to the goalkeeper of the goalkeeper. . . . .

16. Sun Masters

even got to the Olympics came, introduced yesterday by the German national team, when he said: Now admission is that the German national team, Germany hands the flag of the NBA superstars - Novice KI (English audio), vomiting immediately I wanted to laugh again! !

Otherwise say that the Chinese name, "Dirk Nowitzki," if not directly to read foreign names Nowitzki, the results others have come Sa characters plus a foreign language, directly novice KI!

17. The most interesting is what he said

if unhindered. . .

Sun teacher in your school idioms Mody, professional point of a good Mody?

18. The most classic is the first and Qun Su in the commentary, said half of the race was suspended screen cut back to the studio, he was a note game, as far as saying: Just as Zhang guidance (Zhang Weiping) mentioned earlier, the Rockets fought --- - one side black the face of Qun Su!

19.98 Total summary plugs, Sun: Jazz on the 12th of Slovak drag (next page sound), Hatton 20. The players from the Houston Rockets - Tracy. McGrady ....

player. also selected it to 21 feet. "Oh. 193 of the 211 replaced Wade Howard, oh. which is equal to the height of the floor reduces the bar, right? Zhang guided Zhang: Yes!

22. This Olympic Games, the United States beat China, Sun: Zhang ** a moving breakthrough

- - a breakthrough there are not marching in the do-23. Good! sudden strong sink into the inner basket! easy!

filling your mother. What is the age you still have strong irrigation basket.

no matter what the players get the ball would always explain. She was the wearing jersey No. 8 Kobe Bryant. You TM have the ability to drag 1:00

24. Sun Cheng-ping, the most classic quotation: wow, good Ball!!! 23 players a vigorous shrub box .......

Zhang Weiping, the more of: This is really fighting for the ball, really into.

this ball to be lost, to lose ... Oh ..

25 . ... Tracy ... Mike Grady.

Every time I heard the full name of the wheat he stuttered so read them, I wanted to hit TV!

26. Sun Cheng-ping, the most good at the beginning of the race time said, "China Central Television, China Central Television. . . "
I am most impressed by his strong hands and sink basket
x3966663182010-03-17 00:29:44 +0000 #3
share 呀, he explained I have a stomach

But he qualified the elderly is a sports center, head of broadcasting the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games were he presided over the broadcasting of

failed approach



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