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Lane Bryant NBA some cases?

qinchao_8882010-03-17 02:11:48 +0000 #1
Bryant's strengths? Look at those classic games you can see his action?
grandfather called Sprite2010-03-17 02:13:50 +0000 #2

1, exclusive of the Akira, or a breakthrough technique, the specific words can not speak and read the game will know

2, back body singles to see you back, slow slow movement, the basket does not see a direct ball twisting jump, you can say that this is normal, you just see more games, you can find a lot can be dropped into incredible circumstances, and not once or twice is not a coincidence

3, god-like touch

4, God-man like Yao Li

5, summed up a word: elegant
bored の jujube2010-03-17 02:35:30 +0000 #3
unreasonable for the heads off one-third are heads off to the jumper change back after the break dunk there is the status of the body's singles

can see the recent Los Angeles Lakers, and 76 people

Los Angeles Lakers and the Celtics game.
suboty2010-03-17 02:32:33 +0000 #4
last second decision to kill!

very classic !!!!!!!!



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