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NBA team most likely to fight, and most will not be fighting team

BackstreetBSB2010-03-17 05:10:41 +0000 #1
personal view is that Denver eagle fighting gangs and quite powerful, the most they will not be a pioneer bar. . .
anshaopo2010-03-17 05:17:34 +0000 #2
Knicks and the Warriors are not gang leaders were dried down and then one can play, from the Bad Boys Pistons had become a basket of soft egg, while the sun's fierce but does not fight Aopan Although , or else that year will be tipped Barkley? the case of NASH has been tipped over the Sun Zhong Jiang must disarm immediately, or else the team no backbone, and the rocket Artest is also a drastic reduction in rehabilitation of the war, Yao was foot big toe immediately reimbursed, McGrady had been kicked around the waist to the servant on the legislation, but added Knights will be very fierce, and James Big Ben Needless to say, and Sebiyake Do not look handsome is a muscle stick, magic is more of Warcraft is an electric gun Liaodao lap, the Celtics are not the weak, Pierce Needless to say, and had been cut by more than 10 knives had not died, Laojiang Hu, and Ray Allen's jump enough to let him riding on the shoulders of any player wring their necks on the (wrong!), Londo boss then the wide shoulders and strong blocks of a Liaodao then the two of PG is not a problem, Bowie is a small one James ah beast, KG amazing explosive power wielded great length in the arm waist with excellent strength, strong-arm power and high-speed large, red large, playing pieces which fly where no one goes without saying playing, in addition to more than 280 pounds both a large fat man, yeah the championship is a championship
19978295002010-03-17 05:23:11 +0000 #3
Knight oh

Now may be a former Los Angeles Lakers
sheley022010-03-17 06:22:06 +0000 #4
the team most likely to fight to balance the Detroit Pistons, and the last event in Auburn Hills, up to now people still remember, most recently the Pistons seemed to not law-abiding, and almost have led to incidents of Auburn Hills. Most will not be fighting team may have to be the Spurs, as San Antonio's average age is already high



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