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Nash's new Nike Cradle Rock Low wear shoes do? (Through the best answer)

shl1211212010-03-17 05:11:09 +0000 #1
recently wanted to buy it even pairs of Nike Cradle Rock Low, but do not know is not resistant to wear, I usually play in the outdoors, but also want to know under which pairs of shoes, wear comfortable? I like speed, hope this pair of shoes will not lower my running speed, trouble aware of prawns to tell the next, thank you
Small Koyu2010-03-17 05:24:40 +0000 #2
time ago just bought a dialogue purple color, and in Hong Kong, Mong Kok to buy almost 500 Hong Kong dollars.

Wear resistance in general, playing the ball several times, not many shoes have no obvious wear and tear.

However, from the perspective of shoes I would not recommend buying these shoes, even though weight is to control the well,
, but no shoes forefoot cushioning technology, despite the insole has played a role in a little flexibility,

but the former controlled by the buffer connection is still not good enough, but in order to speed-type players who do not have enough paste to.

Hind paw did not use the same air-cushion, thicker insole still plays a number of buffer role.

Ankle protection dare not deferential to, stating that materials are also quite thick very flexible, tolerant and tongue is the same,
, or stop wearing comfortable, but very easy to wear slip feet inside legs, protection is poor.

By the way, before the palm of the upper high, easy to slip your toes inside.

If the main road, if this pressure is to wear very comfortable shoes.

Little playing basketball, then can still look at, but to cope with the fierce competition of the free.

Shoes with a school uniform to wear jeans or wide-mouth to pressure the road is good.



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