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Kobe Bryant 81 points match the efficiency of

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Bryant 46 cast 28, of which two-thirds vote in seven of the ball 13 free-throw line 20 times was 18 points. 4, respectively with 14 points, 12 points, 27 points and 28 points.
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Beijing January 23 - Kobe Bryant led the Lakers two-game losing streak Staples Center in Los Angeles to meet the challenges of the Toronto Raptors. 14 wins, 26 held before the game, which ranked fourth in eastern bottom, while the Lakers Kobe Bryant over the past nine games, averaging 41.6 points the contribution of 21 wins, 19 have been held under the ranked seventh in the West, Bryant has averaged 34.8 points through the contribution of the temporary occupy the throne of scoring. In today's game to the people once again demonstrated its "do whatever they like" and the ability to score 46 to vote in the 28 scored 81 points and 13 three-pointers to vote 7 free-throw line 20 times was 18 points. 4, respectively with 14 points, 12 points, 27 points and 28 points, surpassing Michael Jordan on March 28, 1990 regular season against the Cleveland Cavaliers won the individual scoring record of 69 points. Score of 81 points has become following the Chamberlain March 2, 1962 against the New York Knicks of the NBA single-game scoring record of 100 points, after scoring the highest, ranked second in league history a single-game personal best. The Lakers rely on Kobe Bryant's amazing play ,122-104 beat the Raptors to end the two-game losing streak.

Los Angeles Lakers face the Raptors raid

race start, two role players Peterson, Brown and others warm up for the race first, both sides turn up the score, 8 minutes and 15 seconds, the Lakers basket will score a breakthrough in Parker pursuit into a 9-10, but, followed by Mike - James, a mind three points, Charlie Villanueva dunk to help the Raptors play the energetic climax of 7-0 and 17-9 lead Lakers. Kobe Bryant, Chris Mihm struggling to catch up, but Chris Bosh, Ross also feel very hot, this section end of the game, the Lakers are still 29-36 behind.


times the implementation of the Code section of Kobe Bryant game Lakers Raptors Zhongqiang other players adhere to defensive tactics to Bryant's singles results in this section, which scored 12 points, but Mike - James, Charlie Villanueva and others continue to stabilizing, Raptors 6-0 with a two-wave attack wave of 56 seconds in this section has 58-42 lead when expanded into 16 points, Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers in this section a person removed the last seven minutes after, Bosch, Mike - James's first half goals to help lead the Raptors 63-49.

Bryant to an enemy five Danlian

second half - Kobe Bryant started their own personal performances, stand up Mike - James, Chris Bosh and Ross and others of the fire, confining the Lakers 24 points in the pre-holiday 21 points and helped the team will be at 4 minutes and 47 seconds into a 73-78 score chase behind only five points, Lamar Odom and Chris Mihm scored once to help the Lakers catch into a 77-78, although the continuous score to help Graham and Rose Meng Long again 85-79 lead, but Bryant's dunk with 31 seconds remaining to help the Lakers to complete the great climax of a wave of 12-0 and 91-85 lead through three quarters.

To create a "night" new record

Bosch's jumper opened the prelude to a decisive fourth quarter, Bryant is still brave, even the cast with a penalty six minutes before the Lakers sweep, in Lamar Odom with the help of Ross and others will be back repression, and in 6 minutes and 32 seconds projectile succeeded her first win in this game 61 points to help lead the Lakers 102-93. Kobe Bryant 3-point line then things Bode opponent fouls, three free throws in the next two 3-point line has all of the break shot Jordan scoring 69 points, but also win the game's first 70 individual points, followed by and then get 4 points in 3 minutes 26 seconds to help the Lakers 115-98 lead, match-winners have been sentenced, but Bryant did not end rest, began to deliberately pass the ball to teammate Kobe Bryant, the ultimate monopoly Bryant 81 points, helping the Lakers 122-104 beat the Raptors.

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant In addition, the Parker contributed 13 points and Chris Mihm 12 points, Lamar Odom and Brown each grab 10 rebounds; Raptors scored in double figures 5, James contributed a team-high 26 points and 10 rebounds, Chris Bosh 18 points, Ross has recorded 17 points.

Miss the playoffs for the 2004-05 season, the cruel reality in which the Lakers had to re-invited "Phil," Phil Jackson out of the mountains. Sure enough, ,2005-06 season, in the multitude of strong forest of the west, the Lakers grabbed a playoff spot, Bryant individuals also scoring 35.4 points for the first time the league in scoring.

"Mr 81"

In the Bryant received various awards, but only the lack of scoring titles. Finally, enter the League's 10th season, Bryant ushered in the scoring title, to the whole Union is fully demonstrated his ability to score.

This season, Bryant averaged 35.4 points scored for a career-high. Previous nine seasons, Bryant only in the 2002-03 season, scoring over 30 points to reach the remaining eight seasons scored 30 points or less. Bryant's season average of 35.4 points in NBA history score for the eighth highest since the 1986-87 season, Michael Jordan played both played since scoring 37.1 points, 35.4 is divided into NBA19-year high. Bryant, the regular season scoring 2832 points, ranking seventh in NBA history.

December 21, Lakers vs. Mavericks, Bryant only scored three time on 62 points; January 23, Bryant at the Staples Center shocked the league, he scored from a Raptors body 81. 81 points is a personal single-game NBA history, the second highest score, second only to Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points. Kobe Bryant scored 81 points, got a new nickname "Mr. 81." Al Harrington said, "Kobe can get 100 points a game," Bonzi Wells (Wales Press, Wales Well), is that Bryant's scoring average up to 40 minutes.

80 regular-season games, Bryant scores 30 or more points 56 times, 40 or more points 27 times, 50 or more points six times. From December 29 to January 10, Bryant 4 consecutive games, respectively, with 45 points, 48 points, 50 points, 45 points, becoming NBA41 a 4 consecutive years, the first game to score 45 points or more players. In 1990, Jordan was only 3 consecutive games scoring over 45 points.

The regular season ended, Bryant to beat the 2.4 points have been obtained for four of King Iverson (Iverson News, Allen Iverson Well), the Lakers also the identity of the western seventh playoff appearance.

Overturned by the sun playoffs first round of the playoffs, the Lakers faced the Suns in western ranked second. Kobe Bryant scored significantly better than the momentum of the regular season, in addition to the first six games, winning 50 exceptionally, the other six games, failed to score more than 30, the Lakers are losing the battle of the overall strength. In three cases more than one lead, the Lakers finally overturned by the sun, becoming the eighth NBA playoff history, more than one branch in the three cases have been reversed leading team. Seven postseason games, Bryant's scoring average dropped to 27.9 points.

As the sun out in the first round of the playoffs, as in the regular season MVP Award, Bryant has lost a leading figure Suns Steve Nash (Nash news, Nash Well). The regular season MVP award, Kobe Bryant just finished fourth.

Los Angeles Lakers have been eliminated playoff experience has shown that one person alone can not make Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs. While Bryant has the ability to get high marks, but can not guarantee that every game can be so brave as the cut off 81 hourly, if he's hit rate has dropped, the Lakers would be dangerous. The most obvious is that the Lakers and the Heat (Heat Press, Heat Well) in the Christmas wars, Bryant scored 37 points, six assists, shooting 30 times the number, but only hit 12 times, the Lakers lost the final 92 than 97 multi-point Heat flowering.

As a defender, Bryant, while the high-scoring, assists capability to a new level, which is why many people accused Bryant to play too "independent" reasons. This season, Bryant is averaging only 4.5 assists times, scored 62 points in that game, Bryant did not even 1 assists. As a defender, this should not happen.

"Dream 7" the spiritual leader

Bryant's powerful ability to score makes him a "Dream 7" absolute main. Unfortunately, a recent interview with Bryant's right knee surgery, will not be able expedition world championships in Japan. Bryant, though not to play, but he most likely with the "Dream 7" to Japan, as a purely "spiritual leader."

Single-game 81 points, never dreamed of this result is now being achieved by Bryant, then a bit as proud about, as they should be allowed. Beijing January 25, Bryant took part in the Wednesday he completed a pioneering single-game 81 minutes after the first team training, and also a new nickname was born.

"Call me Mr. 81 bar." He jokingly said that toward the teammate.

Bryant, until now still immersed in the 81 most pleasant surprise, and he admits he did not expect to be in the near future there is such a repeat performance, "This is one pairs of me simply unthinkable. "He said:" it is very difficult for me to calm down, but like my last match in performance does not bode well for our next game will be played this way, we have the beginning of this season played a number of not entirely rely on my scoring game, of course, we also won some, I hope I can re-play at that time tactics. "coach Phil


Jackson said in an interview to answer is very simple," one teams must have a certain degree of balance. "It appears," Zen master "and Bryant's idea of exactly the same, but he said if Bryant can, as with the Toronto Raptors are playing such a stunning performance and the rule of force, then he This perception is also not a bad idea, it is worth mentioning that Bryant shot in the last game in as many as 46 times, but his hit rate of more than 5 into, which caused people to his results could be debated.

"If you watched that game, I think everyone knows how we won." Jackson said: "He fully entered the state."

The Lakers will be the next host Warriors to a home, but after the They will begin a continuous seven-game road journey, the first team in hand is currently the league-leading Detroit Pistons, it looks for the Bryant in turn is a challenge. It is interesting that, Bryant said NBA Hall of Fame in training the staff has contacted him and to his request with the Raptors before the match when the shoes worn for collection, when asked whether the shoes will be produced by Bryant was a bit shocked, but still replied: "Hall of Fame? You must be joking? they are too obsessed with this pair of shoes in



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