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How to restore the basketball skills

15poop152010-03-17 10:10:21 +0000 #1
I used to play basketball in our place are also considered possible, but for over a year ago because it had purpura on more than one year did not campaign, and now good, but never less than a resumption of the previous state, in particular, shooting 9-10 .... not enter a time when his practice can also head into halftime, but an opening on the matter how inaccessible .... how can I do ah, please Which basketball expert Bang Bang I .......
Henan wangguanghe2010-03-17 10:18:20 +0000 #2
is not the body and the former has changed? weight, height ratio will change your hand. Do not play another year, and in the psychological and good times you've played is completely different, psychological differences in the decisive last shot, and not to judge on the same hand is shaky.

A year ago, What do you think of you playing well, so self-confidence more feet, shooting touch like. Does not play more than a year because of changes in practice less and the body, affecting the shot, the more we play bad, the psychological is no more self-confidence, not emboldened when the shot when you're not conscious being, shooting action had been distorted. A dozen games, a lack of confidence can not release the shot. How do you now need to relax yourself completely to play.

Cast a no-ball into the basket and passing on the multi-bar, it is to restore strength and movement when the force against the more physical exercise more, will go up, and the confidence of the foot, and skills naturally restored. There is a process.
I was really xy2010-03-17 11:00:00 +0000 #3
First of all, you want to restore a sense of the ball, usually to practice dribbling.

Second, pay attention to shooting position.

Third, do not panic, and self-confident.

Finally, the recovery takes time, not one day be able to, and you do not see a Tracy McGrady Well, practiced a long time?

Refueling, just do it
hw1472582010-03-17 11:15:31 +0000 #4
First of all you need is confidence and others do not play the first half he slowly returned the original technical training, training 1-2 weeks should be able to resume a lot. And then to play with others, playing time to have confidence in their own multi-point singles, multi-point shot, will be gradually increased! No quick fix to slowly practice bar



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