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All-Star basketball game is how the organization

SM Students2010-03-17 12:10:28 +0000 #1

More points,
DancingKa2010-03-17 12:13:50 +0000 #2
is that NBA's all star do

it is the fans vote for the east-west starting lineup [the highest number of votes in a different location].

Eastern coach to pick his replacement team, respectively.

Each year's competition time of uncertainty, but are generally similar before and after the Chinese New Year.

domestic CBA also follow the NBA, but ineffective, mainly the overall level is not an order of magnitude
handsome → Long2010-03-17 12:25:46 +0000 #3
NBA All-Star (All Star Weekend) tournament began March 2, 1951, an annual event. The contest was organized by spectators and coaches elected 24 professional basketball player (Eastern Conference, Western Union 12, including five starters voted by the fans, seven substitute elected by the coach), the composition of the East forces and against the Western teams. NBA All-Star game players take turns playing both sides in order to fully demonstrate the game each player elected on the outcome is not required. Therefore, the inception of the tournament has attracted fans world wide viewing. To 2008, were held 57-time All-Star Game, which won the East unit 34.

In 1950 autumn, NBA has just been founded four years, but began to decline. NBA first Chairman Porto Love, president of the Boston Celtics Walter - Brown agreed to half of the season, from East and West (then the NBA the only two districts a total of 11 detachments) to select the most outstanding players a match. March 2, 1951, the Boston Celtics in Boston Garden provided free of charge, President Brown Stadium, hosted the first All-Star Game.

NBA All-Star began in 1951. This was the NBA headquarters of the reference to public relations person in charge 哈斯克科恩 views. Initially, Cohen simply to imitate the nation's professional baseball league's All-Star Game. Baseball's All-Star Game, scheduled to be held in mid of each season, so NBA All-Star Game also followed this custom.

But the tournament will be held, the venue is a problem. Or the Boston Celtics owner Wotebulang the first to stand up to the All-Star Game, said the start-up support. Brown also announced: free of charge for this "new" event to provide the venues - the Boston Garden.

March 2, 1951, the first NBA All-Star Game held as scheduled, competitions attracted 10094 fans, since then, laid the basis for All-Star Game. Brown arranged the first two consecutive NBA All-Star Game, after All-Star Game was more basketball fans accepted the situation getting better and better at the box office. By 1953, the first three-time All-Star Game, and finally moved to Futeweien organized.

Through evolution, the contemporary all-star game has become "All-Star Game," a period of 3 days, including "All-Star party," "Rookie All-Star Game," "Slam Dunk Contest," "two-thirds the ball Shootout , "" Basketball Skills Challenge, "" shooting relay "and" All-Star Game. " One of the most exciting when the number of "dunk contest" and "All-Star Game." The first dunk contest in 1984, the Phoenix Suns, Larry - Nance hands, each holding a ball, jumping take-off to fly it two goals each basket, called "Thunderbolt windmill." In 1991, the Boston Celtics Di - Brown's right arm, blindfolded and left hand holding the ball Wang Yue dunk success, this move is called "killer bats," Ceballos won in 1992 but also on the move. Bulls of Michael Jordan in 1987, take-off flying to the basket from the free-throw line, won the "night" laudatory. In addition, in the "All-Star Game" And for the fans and journalists from a variety of competitions and performances, including "millions of dollars in super-long shot contest."

Today, not only the U.S. audiences have the opportunity to vote for NBA All-Star players. Fans from around the world can log on NBA's official website, through the 17 languages, in order to vote for their favorite players. Many media have described as the All-Star Game Basketball Carnival, because it gives fans and players up close and opportunities.

NBA-thirds Contest Rules

(a) Competition is divided into five shot points: one-third line of the top arc of a shot point, both sides of the bottom line with both sides of the 45-degree angle of a shot point.

(B) race time 1 minute; players must be completed within 1 minute shot five shot points, exceeding the time to vote in the non-scoring.

(C) a total of five points, shooting the ball, the first four balls for ordinary orange ball, every vote count in a 1 minute, the fifth for the color balls, hit count 2 points, single-round perfect score 30 points.

(D) matches a total of six people, is divided into two, with the first round of low scores out of three, the remaining three finalists fight for the championship.

Slam Dunk Contest rules

a total of four players to participate, entrants must be a newcomer to join the NBA less than three years. Competition 2.

1, the first round, the four players take turns to perform and receive evaluation scoring dunk.

2, a referee will determine the validity of slam dunk action. Before the ball into the basket if it is in the hands of the players will be found valid.

3, each dunk in the first round twice, and to compare scores plus the General Logistics Department, the maximum score of 100, the lowest score of 60, with the highest scores of the two into the next round.

4, the final round twice each dunk. Canadian General Logistics Department to obtain the higher score winning. The first round of low-scoring, first to dunk.

5, if the dunk fail, the players have supplemented buckle a chance. However, only one meeting each round buckle opportunity to buckle into a ball and has no further fill buckle.

6, a total of 5 review. Each review of a slam dunk in scoring six points from the lowest to the highest 10 points. Therefore, the maximum for each dunk somehow be divided into 50 points, a minimum of 30 minutes. Has been used up an opportunity to fill buckle dunk again, if the player fails, its failure will also be dunk score, scoring is also between 6-10 minutes.

NBA All-Star Skills Competition

game content - four players within the specified time, in a variety of obstacles to complete the venue dribbling, passing and shooting, and several other links. Competition with obstacles and provisions of the route. Players have to make comprehensive use of dribbling, passing and shooting techniques such as complete the projects in order to use the number when you decide.

Specific provisions - four players will participate in two rounds of "around the obstacles to competition", which should include a series of dribbling the middle around the obstacles, such as passing and shooting action, according to the players and the time spent to complete scoring.

2 race. Among first-round race and win with us at least two players will reach the final; players will start the race clock 00:00.0. Start the game the players hit the ball the last one after the clock will stop the clock; player during the competition must abide by the basic dribbling NBA rules; game of the three projects and provides a pass called "closed top" shot project.

When the player the following two situations in any one time, which can be through:

(1) the success of hit the target, or shooting;

(2) against a target with the ball / shot when the run out of their After all the balls ball racks not yet been successful.

* For the layup and the last one voted off the two, if the participants are not in the shot, then he must be grabbed his own rebound for the next shot until the thrown up.

* If two players tie in the game (with the difference between 0.1 seconds), will have an additional match.

* Player, if not required to complete a customs action. Deprive them of their match referee will have the right qualifications.

* Game does not set off any of a time limit.

* The second round of the finals will be completed the fastest player to win.

Competition process

start: In the referees blow the whistle, the clock start time, the players picked up the first one from the ball rack ball. Dribble to the other side of the court under the basket frame, and then have to hit a ball.

Layup / dunk: (If a player did not pitch into the box, he must be won after rebounding to vote, until he hit so far, then you can regardless of the ball), a player to the other end of the course.

Also take a Ball: Players pick up the second goal from the basket rack for the second race session - dribble over obstacles.

Dribble over obstacles: The first obstacle that players must dribble around from the right, the second obstacle that players must dribble around from the left, and the third from the right to bypass the obstacles, the fourth obstacle to re - bypass from the left, passing point of arrival.

Chest pass: After the obstacle had finished, a player with hands held around the obstacle, after passing the ball to his chest, and hit its target if the first pass is complete clearance, if the first does not hit the target, he must make use of the ball rack on the remaining four balls hit targets up to hit the date, if the four have not hit the ball he will cross the border into the next part of a game - hit ground ball.

Hit to pass: In this aspect, the ball rack has five balls, a player must make use of the ball the ball hit the shelves five goals, up to hit the date, if the five have not hit the ball and he will to cross the border into the next part of a game - a jumper.

Jumper: This part of the ball rack has five balls, players must be in designated areas only after the ball hit a five ball clearance, or both can not hit a pass, and then proceed to the next one link - a long pass.

Long pass: this part of the ball rack has five balls. A player must make use of the ball rack of five balls a long pass hit targets up to hit the date, if the five have not hit the ball he will cross the border into the next part of a game.

Also take a Ball: Complete the game part of a long pass, the participating players will also get a ball, dribbled quickly return to the previous market basket.

Quick dribble: dribbling an obstacle to the right from the first bypass, and then bypass the last two obstacles, and then into the final hurdle - shot.

Last shot: In a player will shoot into the box after the referee blows whistle, namely, the clock will stop the clock, when a player used all the time is his race results of the competition.
Wu Xiaotian2010-03-17 13:24:33 +0000 #4
first vote, the world's vote to be eligible for starting players. . . . That is east and west of 5, followed by the major media commentators discuss coach must vote out the rest of the east-west line replacement,,,, both teams were one of the best coaching performance by the Division All-Star Game as a coach. . . All-Star Weekend Rookie Challenge, first held is determined by students who then enter the union leader and alliance of the two-year confrontation between the leader. . . First, the next day for a short entertainment show, and then for the Skills Challenge (usually the contest between the top guard) and then the Three-Point Shootout, and then the dunk contest, and finally to the All-Star Game,,,, do not forget to time to send a message to the support team 10,669,999,185 Canada Li Bao - Haha, as long as you good luck! ! ! Thank you to the best-..



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