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Large pre-reform fight back

dlamxyx2010-03-17 14:11:18 +0000 #1
junior high school play when no foundation, because then someone who is strong-point is relatively a start so people inside called the play, in fact, that is, the kind of the nature of the former big. By now repeat, learn a lot of technology inside, but the height was 174, was not destined to fight inside, by restricting large. Thinking of change to fight back, but inside it dribble up playing a poor shot, then the nervous knife. Would like to ask how transformation? Ball definitely started practicing, but to wait for summer vacation, before the summer vacation did not say what the venue can help to change?
Game Ren rooms2010-03-17 14:17:00 +0000 #2

take time to practice long-distance running (running back is generally the largest field, passing Pao Wei, shooting, breaking through the combination of physically demanding large)

adhere to practice push-ups and sit-ups and other basic strength training (your body itself is good, practice can only be beneficial, believe me)

Shooting: (startle bar), on the train moves, not the basket can be. Shooting is a demanding physical co-ordination of movements (especially the jumper), to find a suitable your own actions, and then mirror to repeated practice, so that he give himself a memory, such as when the combination of the ball is easier to start

concluded that dribble: dribbling practice does not require the venue! ! ! ! Any way, any time, as long as no nuisance to the public on the line, and practicing the most basic, like, and then use the summer assault training
asking12032010-03-17 14:21:06 +0000 #3
back to practice shooting and endurance. Speed and passing can be more important. However, more important shots. Is a guard outside the site. Vacancy jump shot is scoring. See you still shooting the ball. Scoring shots must be accurate, dribble followed by

guard passing and speed, dribbling, consciousness. Eager to excel.

Multi-play outside more to fight back is important. What is the specific practice. . And endurance and speed on the shot bar
Gundam - Control2010-03-17 14:24:38 +0000 #4
hit the ball, then the first Enhancing the bigger picture should not be able to stabilize the situation directly on the screens for half-off - a breakthrough to stabilize the situation is very important. Also make good use of large pre-fight when the technology did not completely forget the inside lane of technology, while playing the ball inside, but make good use of technology is still very able to take advantage of. With regard to shooting nothing more than just a good way to shoot more when you cast will have a feeling that after that time, even without looking basket (on the assumption that facing the basket) will be able to put the ball dropped into. Finally, dribble dribble fact, if you are willing to be the best practice in any place at any time you can contact dribble example: Steve Nash so good dribbling technique is said to practice the way a child from school to school.



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