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Basketball question ah ah? ? ?

LIVEPO little hung2010-03-17 14:11:45 +0000 #1
The world is concerned, the number of fans, political influence and power and suction gold where, football World Cup and World Championship basketball who is more beef? ? ? To show ah
lynx_zty2010-03-17 14:18:09 +0000 #2
World Cup ah - the Americans themselves also play basketball leagues in other countries is not how strong

the whole is definitely greater than the basketball soccer the number of participants the number of viewers etc. There is no doubt football is the first

a simple comparison between the World Cup you can always see this lens: riverside, squares, parks and a big screen here are countless fans cry

World Championships have all these?
User shall not be treated2010-03-17 14:46:48 +0000 #3
Football ... Football is now the world's first sports
hot Xia2010-03-17 14:44:20 +0000 #4
Antarctic Saint Goose2010-03-17 16:06:19 +0000 #5
z10233262010-03-17 15:32:00 +0000 #6
Football, of course, watching the players wages can be seen that
Wu Xiaotian2010-03-17 14:31:33 +0000 #7
is definitely football, from the League transfer fee looking out on the basketball court is also

N, but the top-paid basketball player with the salary gap between the top football players is still very big! !

I hope you can be helped. . . . . . . . .

The World Cup is the world's people are concerned about, basketball world championship level is not high

Best: Thank you
◇ ˉ RaIn2010-03-17 15:58:21 +0000 #8
should be a football bar, football fans excited while watching a match that acridine, particularly large number of people ..

and basketball fans I think there is no football fan so much ... although I love basketball ...
aimx772010-03-17 17:13:15 +0000 #9
basketball and football are now also more than not, ah, the number of fans, political influence and power and suction gold basketball World Championships and World Cup soccer is not that the slightest gap between the ..
zhaolingww1232010-03-17 14:59:21 +0000 #10
range from around the world, the soccer World Cup's influence far exceeded the basketball world championships. Football is the world's first campaign, the majority of concerns were distributed to every corner of the world, especially in Europe, South America and other places, local residents who love football even to the point of madness. But in today's basketball also has a great influence, there are many fans and enthusiasts, but can not catch up or exceed the football.

World Cup qualifying is divided into six Division, namely Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, North America and Oceania Division, each Division in accordance with this Division need to develop the actual situation of qualifying rules, and all have signed up The FIFA World Cup (FIFA) Member States (region) team, you need to qualify in the host Division to compete for World Cup finals places.

World Cup finals quota is currently 32, with the final stage of the host country can have direct access to the final stage of the quota, in addition to hosting countries, other places from the FIFA soccer stadium according to each qualifying level of distribution, the different qualifiers Division will be a different number of places in the final stages.

World Cup finals to be the host of FIFA (FIFA) Member States (region), and the Member States (region) need to submit an application to FIFA (which can be combined to apply to two members), and then passed through the international foot United (FIFA) Member States (regional) vote.

Through the final stage of World Cup qualifying places to obtain national team, plus representatives of the host country winning a total of 32 teams will be paid to the host country to compete for championship finals. The final stage of 32 teams by drawing lots were divided into eight groups, each four team points competition are grouped, each group a total of 16 of the top two qualifying teams will be eligible to enter the semi-finals; into the semi-finals after the , 16 team schedule determined in accordance with established rules and no longer draw, and then single-game knockout, until decided at championship.

From the Department of History of the World Cup is difficult to see the status of football in sports at least for now can not be beat.

In China, due to the performance of Kunitari too poorly and some other reasons, like basketball a lot of people even more than football, but around the world, this situation is only one example.
xiaoqiangni2502010-03-17 15:44:51 +0000 #11
see you personally, I feel that the NBA is because, NBA's influence is very large, and the star inside the extraordinary worth, Bryant is likely to renew three-year contract with the Lakers, with a total estimated to be worth 86 million U.S. dollars to 91 million dollars, and now the World Player of the annual salary of C Luo was only then that 13 million euros

concluded by saying that a football star, no matter what union, salaries, and NBA superstar is not a grade. Did not remember correctly, NBA into the middle of the European Football Union, are astronomical.
I love you in that ah 12010-03-17 16:55:54 +0000 #12
basketball is a pre-tax salary. Football is the after-tax. 10L do not know Do not make irresponsible remarks. Take the liberty of asking you in the end, under Louzhu pro football. Or pro-basketball ah. You have asked this question more than N pull.



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