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How to play basketball Enhancing your weak hand?

a2405478952010-03-24 05:11:45 +0000 #1
I share, like most people are right-handed, left hand slowly to death, with his left hand dribble the old mistakes, I very much would like to strengthen my left hand (I will add time to play basketball practice left-handed shot ) because I would like an offensive tool, so please have learned how to answer a master Enhancing your weak hand, in addition to practice, daily habits can also be a weak Enhancing your hands do?
J wooden L2010-03-24 05:23:47 +0000 #2
I also like playing basketball, and now the left hand can not jump, but basically the other hand it is almost more than one practice, nothing to practice with his left hand dribble, and second, many attempts, I was in junior high school, inadvertently left-handed finger roll after aware of the original left-handed layup is so practical, then the efforts

life I sometimes deliberately with his left hand a little thing

Eurya heavy frequent movements with his left hand doing the finger roll bar, I believe that soon you will Successful
﹏ ↘ end of the street handsome guy2010-03-24 05:56:42 +0000 #3
practice left-handed shot is correct, but you want to clear the ball first let your left hand know of, and slowly left the cultivation of the feeling of the ball, dribble exercises to strengthen his left hand in life to eat 1:00 mushrooms would be good for you in `
k intercept your heart ache2010-03-24 06:31:05 +0000 #4
school team when I was also quite awkward left-handed layup ugly

Practice makes perfect, every day running basket to see savvy long a few months oK.
Bloodthirsty piglet2010-03-24 06:34:28 +0000 #5
dribble technical movements, including body posture, arm movements, the ball impact point and the hands and feet coordination four links.

※ body posture: feet or so before and after the opening, knees peg-leg, upper body slightly forward, looked up and saw the front, non-dribbling hand bent flat lift, for the protection of the ball. Dribble, the lower limb joints with the dribble of altitude change.

※ hand and arm movements: dribble, the fingers separated, expand control area, palm empty. Dribble dribble due to the different methods were used wrist and finger strength, forearm or upper arm and so different parts of the force. By Bounce the ball should be with the ball up and down formal etiquette, try to extend control over the ball time and the interest of protecting the ball. Such as in-situ dribble, according to Bounce the ball at the top, forward dribble, press Bounce the ball above the post.

※ the ball impact point: Under normal circumstances the dribble, dribble the ball in the hands of the placement of the ipsilateral lateral feet about 20CM Office, faster, more front impact point. An active defense, the dribbling of the impact point should be at the side of the body or the side of the rear, in order to protect the ball. Change to dribble in the opposite side of its impact point is basically the front flank or side. Of the impact point in the crotch crotch dribbling the middle place.

※ hand and foot coordination: dribble, they need to speed and dribble speed of coherence, but also to maintain a reasonable pace. By Bounce the ball should pay attention to the location, size of the impact point of the selection and use of force. Moving faster, according to the site of Bounce the ball more on the list below the impact point farther up the strength the greater the rebound. General linear dribble, dribble once, run two or three steps.

Dribbling moves practice is required going through a long process, the key is control and coordination of hands and feet, so to be on hand every day to practice martial arts. Can start to play the ball began to familiar with the ball sex, and then dribble the transition to the road from the in-situ between, from the watching eyes watching that does not dribble, dribble from a straight line to change direction. May be one person, one ball, one-ball, one dribble one challenge for the ball to practice such methods.

First, basketball is a big man project, big man will have an advantage! But the little man also has his own advantages such as flexibility, body coordination, and so on, so if you are 1 meter below the little man of 85, we should start from the dribble practice. Because your point is your advantage! ! Practice from the point first of all about his hands began to dribble in situ,

Do not hate the left, once you are dribbling hands, then the defensive player you do not know from which direction you will break through! ! So you extraordinary chance on the big, this action was practicing 10 hours or so, and thereafter have to practice more. Enhancing this post, you can practice complex, and we know that extraordinary dribbling moves have 4:

1. Crossover extraordinary step 2. Behind the extraordinary 3. Cross-under extraordinary 4. Turned extraordinary

This is extraordinary is the most basic ways. My order had been given training on this order!

Cross-step best practice, but should be noted that action should be fast, action must be true and false, in particular the shrugging of false moves must be fool opponents.

Behind it should be noted that the pace of the pace must be formal, it is a good behind the dribble, if not formal, the ball is easy to fly.

Cross under the Note is to fast, and the mastery of rhythm, so that opponents do not know when you will cross under the dribble, and when the cross under the extraordinary.

Turned to look simple, practical, hard, first of all turned around and that step should be a big step, we should at once had him because as the first two would also like to turn fast, the first three is to Hold the ball, do not fly.

Master these, they can be combined, and I tried a relatively simple:

3 +1 2 +1 3 +4

This is a relatively simple, the difficulty are:

1 +3 +4 1 +3 + 21 +2 +4

think you recommend a trump card, I have practiced for 10 days, few have been able to prevent the live!

1 +1 +3 +3 these are two consecutive cross-under, but the people! +1 (Sudden) STOP +3 +4 +2 +1
, etc. Enhancing extraordinary can be practiced after the lay-a

talk about how to practice the basket, the basket is the most basic of all skills in basketball, a technical, is also commonly used in a basketball game skills, if the layup is not entered, it was the saddest basketball life of a head,

it should train basketball, it's Enhancing the basket, if the layup is not entered, then how to train shoot it?

Now, I talk about how to exercise layup:

layups, too, we had to practice right hand, otherwise the basket from the left side of the break is not easy!

Layup with low hands and master two kinds of points: a low hand advantage is a beautiful gesture, movement stretch, is not easy to be covered,

Moreover, the accuracy rate is not bad! Master's advantage is changing, can make a beautiful layup, foul and easy to build, but easy to take, but the master's layup simple and easy to understand, so the first training expert, in order to learn well the master, first of all should the basket shooting, when the basket when the shot is basically able to enter on the line, and just take note of the pace on the list. In the right is left, right, left three steps, the left is opposite.

Low hand and master layup requirements are the same, only to find what the low point of the hand rebounds



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