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527,795,0112010-03-24 06:10:53 +0000 #1
I have a meter 62! 15-year-old! Would like to find a good way to point
Lignorance2010-03-24 06:25:15 +0000 #2
15-year-old or 25-year-old ah? If the 15-year-old, then I suggest you find the location of the sports school to learn all about, very helpful! The basis of playing basketball is very important! And awareness is difficult to change once cultivated, or develop the right is better! Go to basketball training classes also help to improve basketball IQ, tactical ability ... ... and find a class to learn if intensity can be relatively large within the acceptable range, contribute to physical development! Go to school, then on the after-school time to practice twice a week just for a holiday on a free! There is half a year can be quite severe, and that time Zaiqu playing field ... ... chuckle ... ...
yuhuanhuan12010-03-24 06:46:53 +0000 #3
25-year-old is a bit big! To play basketball better! The key thing is the most critical point Enhancing! Enhancing long ball, and others are simple l a! If we think that the ball is difficult to practice, then practice shooting, shooting has cast more on the natural feeling! In fact, as long as perseverance, what can be resolved!
Do not ask me how arrogant2010-03-24 07:18:13 +0000 #4
find your favorite star to play imitate his moves

should always practice shooting to score the most basic way

there is to practice dribbling with both hands the body would be a good point of breakthrough

The final step is to strengthen the combat with no more important than that of the

a lot of things are rebounding after years of awareness of real snow defensive awareness, and so are the slow pace of ball exercises and explore the hands play out

--- tired
bo Germany2010-03-24 07:49:56 +0000 #5
F The heroes people say they 1 m 62 15-year-old right not 25 years old


would like to cast a good basket the first fixed-hand type

and then practice shots from the start can be in the basket, because the goal is a feeling (strength is less than one). And then gradually pull distance. The beginning may be due to their lack of strength is unable to do jump shot, this is not to force himself to do it when the jump shot. The most important thing is the feeling of the hands. Contact practice for a long time Zaiqu jumper.

Would like to hand experts and precise basket, you must ensure that your practice numbers, you decide to practice at this stage of the basket is best not to play baseball.

I have just started to love basketball when such a practice is this: to practice every day shooting 100 2 minutes 20 3 minutes (I am talking about is the input of quantity) will certainly be the beginning of a long time to complete the gradual you will find that you completion of these shots were in the shortened gradually over time. Wait until you can light Songqie rapid completion of these shots were counted on when you should be a good pitcher of the basket.

Individuals returned to you suggestions, want to have the basket to strengthen the power of their own wrist, then that is the strength of your shoulder, these two forces can ensure that the distance of your shots and your hand (the most important thing is to play more time to shoot will not be tired very quickly)

accurate shooting was fatal, and individual advise you of your shots have a certain time of the furnace still have to practice a breakthrough, because only you breakthrough and accurate shooting is a combination The most terrifying.

Good break, and then you combine precision shooting attack on the strong

mainly the ball dribble a sense of nothing to touch the ball, and then primarily a training exercise in disguise. Enhancing the initial stage of the first right-hand man is now in disguise, at the time of this play is the most useful (if Enhancing any).

Dribbling no more than coincidence is to transport more training, but remember that the ball is in the front side of the body, not on the front. Other There is nothing now.


when the defense will not always follow the ball to run, do not always go to think about what to cap, a good defensive first go to a reasonable physical contact, and then the objects in your defensive shots, or layup to go full time to interference (for example such as the distance from your unguarded shot 10 to enter 8, then if you have a defensive shot when you have people rush up anti-tampering you, it would be natural Your shooting dropped). When the defense is on their own pre-judgment of the opponent's attack, there is their speed of response. This is not one or two days it can become a need for a long time you play and practice Lianqiu out. Fuel bar.
132621875324342010-03-24 06:57:50 +0000 #6
You can only play space, Enhancing the future when the child can play rookie scoring!呵呵

then you should start three-pronged approach to 1. Dribble 2. Speed 3.

The first step to start shooting speed is born, so I can not help you

shot by two things a self-confident two repeated (Bryant said)

the most difficult thing is dribble, but can be hard as long as the continuous progress. When necessary, ask to go to master their experiences and helpful. You can also watch the game, I do not want to see NBA, because you simply can not imitate. CBA suggest that you look at some ball-handling guard.

I wish you have a terrible game as soon as possible, refueling!



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