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Why CBA expansion does not, there are more than 20 well, I really do not know how to think the lette

geyong11222010-03-24 09:10:47 +0000 #1
expansion after the event more commercial return many more influence on, too, you can also sign a few more Marbury
TT08412010-03-24 09:14:51 +0000 #2
ah, but the limited level of management on the one hand is the model on the other hand copied Basketball Association NBA again for themselves (not the team nor the fans) to maximize the interests of nothing on earth can only be considered a ... ...
I would like to ask a question na2010-03-24 09:20:44 +0000 #3
management can not keep up the intensity and level of ah, and now 16 have trouble at every turn - Chinese basketball into football road ah



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