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Guan Yu, a few NBA stars

soulmark08192010-03-24 13:11:47 +0000 #1
1. Iverson why a team is not even though he signed his last 76, he was under some sort of injury or age or bigger due to it's own personality?

2. Tracy McGrady of the most serious is that, as now, got to like unknown injuries or other reasons he is now a more than a year the United States to play a bar! Good miss him ah! !

3. Ray Allen, I am not familiar with the NBA, when a child knows five people were Jordan, Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone, Stockton, after the end of the Bulls dynasty, I almost forgot NBA, occasionally seen Although the play is not supersonic Lei Alun Michael Jordan so gorgeous, but the overall effect looks nice when you can suddenly be able to vote, how will slowly drop in his last out? Is hurt?

4 would Shiha Hardaway, I only watched his highlights, but his style of play I think it looks very comfortable, he was under some sort of injury before this mess ah?

Lots of problems ah! Themselves feel embarrassed!
mice born to be holes2010-03-24 13:27:16 +0000 #2
1, Iverson personality is too strong, and communication create an obstacle, and the popularity of the concept of team basketball, and then there is the cruelty of Vanity Fair and youthful short-lived, NBA is a commercial product, Iverson has been a thing of commercial value excavated exhausted, it is better to spend money helped popularize new.

2, McGrady fragile personality sensitive, and do not make progress, I was totally disheartened, compared to McGrady's body, their minds more easily injured, decided the fate of character, ah, other people can only be sorry for him.

3, Ray Allen did not decline, but with a change in the style of play, Seattle, he is a Tai Zhuzi, can suddenly good investment. In Boston, Garnett dominates the lane, the rule of midline Pierce, Ray Allen outside the rule of gold to form the Big Three, and this time the textbook-type fixed-point jumper, and a variety of jumper overwhelmed ah. Ray Allen at the expense of data, in exchange for a championship, it should be made an outstanding contribution award ah.

4, Hardaway was caused by injury, leg injury made him a frequent guest on the injured list, but are all very serious injury, has been incomparably brilliant pence, Jordan's successor, a star has fallen on so early.
scl7742198012010-03-24 13:30:05 +0000 #3
1. Personality thing, Iverson still living in his own world, a bit silly, but quite lovely. Age is not an explosive one hand, even the old fish, never

2. Tracy McGrady's back, knees and waist injury, but how can there be without injured players. I think the most important thing is the spirit, Tracy McGrady will be the lack of the kind of victory as Kobe Bryant greatest objective of the most paranoid, so he is now causing.

3. Age, talent. Ray Allen is accurate, but the ball attack capability is not strong. Shooters have to see day to eat, and age big, physical decline, opponents casually find a young, good defensive stick to, and he became no threat.

4, the knee. Penny quite a pity so many Jordan's successor, he is closest to Jordan. In fact, he's injured, mainly in Orlando, because leaving pence, eat two big contract, they let go of the shark. Therefore, the Magic want to see him out the achievements ah, pence at that time are also young and naive, and eager to prove that shark was set free, the wound did not heal on the play, and later does not.

Finished, OK, I hope you can give points
leaf has left a mark 32010-03-24 14:10:32 +0000 #4
1. But old people would refuse a lot of

2. Are the fault of large contracts have been

3. Old, and the peak has passed

4. Knee, He also wants big contract, there is no team signed him in 2008 on the retired.
sheshou8612010-03-24 14:19:48 +0000 #5
1 decide the fate of the so-called character, AI will always be a special case in the NBA, he has his own pride and persistence, a lot of teams do not want to break the established plan and the team to sign a veteran, especially those champions. Of course, this is also, and his performance of the year in the contract, think on a year ago, he can get the Nuggets, averaging 25 + in the data, but in the piston, due to pass not meet, the team run-in with management conflicts and other issues, he slipped the data and finally the team was also frozen, so that the performance of hard to let him in the summer to find a good job. After the departure from the Grizzlies, NBA teams are basically all on track, it is difficult Zaiqu members cited, although the power still can, but the team is still unwilling to take the team's unity and stability to take risks. While 76 people have signed that he has nothing to do with what feelings, when the attendance of 76 persons union penultimate achievement east the second lowest point guard injury-eight weeks, with a veteran to sign a contract, but the AI is simply at the right.

2 Tracy McGrady's injury a lot most of his back injury, back injury and knee more than a year did not play in the end is the result of injuries or conflicts with the team everyone's guess, according to the present to see Tracy McGrady it would be difficult to continue in the rocket, while the Rockets shot because Tracy McGrady is not the reason why the present situation simply can not be exchanged for the good players are unwilling to lose money ah

3 Allen was chic style captured the hearts of the ball countless people, when he was shot like a gentleman like Dan Ding, and now although the decline in physical strength for reasons of age, state of decline, but occasionally Lu Zhengrong, he still can give the team a lot of help. Which other players do not hurt it, the older players who have injury the greater the impact.

4 Hardaway, injuries ruined him, and he appears to have been no injuries so good agile, it has been playing the stop-and-so, which also have a direct impact on his state, many of the players are so, Hill not also so Mody?

Answered finished Hehe
zyh10101018442010-03-24 13:29:56 +0000 #6
Allen Iverson I answered: the first, because Iverson used to be a superstar But now the old game better than Iverson then other teams made him a superstar when the replacement heart, or Of course, not unwilling to substitute the old reason is that wages are too low there is a star last year, the wages of high wage, or more than 1000 million, several million this year on the course, he quit his character was forced by the vote on 76 done everything he retired In addition, I would like to ask you what do you like ALLEN IVERSON I was his fan ..
li888lixiao2010-03-24 14:08:37 +0000 #7
AI old was gone, McGrady still has a chance, and I believe he will prove himself, prove that the wheat black rubbish S ! ! ! Michael Black family are ZHU! ! ! ! !



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