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Guangdong TV Sports Channel Advertising of Warcraft with his new boots Adidas ad lines - to be in En

602.15994 million2010-03-24 14:10:51 +0000 #1
has also recently broadcast - is that Howard's free-throw line dunk jump in the air across a blue arc that - pay attention - I want is in English ---
Ke Pyrene2010-03-24 14:27:14 +0000 #2
The basket is still 10 feet high (basket height, it's still 10 feet)

Hu --- (breathing sounds)

The free throw line is still 15 feet away (distance from the free-throw line and the basket, it's still 15 feet)

The ball still weighs 22 ounces (weight of the ball, it's still 22 ounces)

But now I am faster (but now, I have an even faster)

Stronger (stronger )

Lighter (lighter)

I am, how the game will be measured from now on (literally translated as "From now on, I will rewrite how to play it?!", so subtitles from now on, I will rewrite the game )

Reference: nothing, but myself



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