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A joint is really hurt? ? ?

Momo 992010-01-17 06:01:41 +0000 #1
A joint just to see were teammates elbow during training, sewing needle 50, which is true?
angel_sun2010-01-17 06:11:38 +0000 #2
Yes, LAS was injured. . . . . . . .
Basic all know that2010-01-17 06:48:20 +0000 #3
according to Sina to reliable sources, is true.
xiaop2010-01-17 07:06:21 +0000 #4
United Arab Dad is 4-5 pin should believe that his father
comeback2010-01-17 07:20:40 +0000 #5
is true!

Beijing December 7, the Chinese player Yi Jianlian in the morning's training inadvertently teammate Sheehan - Williams to use his elbow and damaged the upper lip and had to go to hospital for treatment.

In accordance with the official statement the Nets Yi's upper lip due to muscle damage, 50 sewing needles, for this terrible figure, a number of media, fans have had questions.

In an interview with China Central Television Sports Channel interview, the father of the United Arab also said that his son's injury was not serious, only a slit of the 4,5-needle wound.

However, as Yi Jianlian's Chinese official website, Sina sports or through long-distance telephone and made contact with the United Arab obtained first-hand information.

In the phone, the mental state of the United Arab sounded pretty good, but still very clear enunciation, the basic can not sense the impact of his injury. However, the United Arab Nets official statement confirmed that their wounds did sewing needle of 40 to 50.

"Did a lot of sewing needles, specifically how much I am not very clear, but at least 40 to 50-pin it," said the United Arab. "I'll still go to hospital for what checks before we can decide the time is not kind enough to team training."

As for the Nets, the United Arab official said the United States December 14 local time, in order to determine the specific hours of specific back, A joint that is not yet quite sure that all have to wait until tomorrow morning only after the conclusion of the review.

Previously, Sina sports through the United Arab Lu Yu of the Chinese agent learned that the United Arab parents now believe that his son's wound is only a 4,5 needle sewing, which is likely to be out of a filial LAS, in order to let the parents worry that his own injuries were reported as mild a little.



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