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Shooting hand should be pushed do

Fire on the 1st Tracy McGrady2010-03-24 16:10:15 +0000 #1

MYDAY Tracy McGrady2010-03-24 16:19:29 +0000 #2
caoyang05102010-03-24 16:19:30 +0000 #3
shooting finger when the ball, the palm will not hit the ball.

Note, and shooting is not only the hand movements and foot also used to make power, two knees, squat a little bit to the inside. Take-off when shooting through this action. You can spread to the hands of the strength of your feet, so afraid of not enough capacity. Then, with your fingers on air, rather than pushed around. There are usually only need to ring finger middle finger and index finger on it. While the other hand you do not have to make an edge, he just played a good role in a fixed ball. This practice should be repeated as long as you can improve the hit rate of shooting, z The most important thing is to persist, it is best to vote every day hundreds of bar.



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