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What does it mean nba star post

cui48555962010-03-24 16:11:02 +0000 #1

Pope's tiles2010-03-24 16:16:54 +0000 #2
Madison layup for example, Gay defense, no foul, but at that time than Gaye McGrady-known large, so we tend to Madison referee blew Gay thugs .

As another example, some time ago Bryant, 5-step layup + second dribble, referees did not blow for illegal

As another example, James N times layup walking. . Referee does not blow for illegal

similar to this bias and non-star players whistled for whistled for the unjust judge of the subjective behavior is star post
ming_wuhui2010-03-24 16:31:41 +0000 #3
bias big stars blowing
Bat Boy2010-03-24 17:07:42 +0000 #4
2 floor to say that very clear
2head2010-03-24 17:54:10 +0000 #5
for example, star wrist turn ah, walking, foul-scale with the regular players is different from partial to them
Archimedes Hogan2010-03-24 16:48:23 +0000 #6
and that is to play good-looking, in order to make stars more stars, more powerful, more attractive for the NBA fans, referees make a clear bias to their care. . .

For example, Bryant's walk, Bryant clearly take more than a step, but the referee did not sub-contractors. . .



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