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Power forward. The older students come to power forward

⑨ ⑤ → hire drag-year2010-03-25 01:10:23 +0000 #1
I am 14 years old. 177 or so. Power forward.

Hop in general. Allowed to visit the black box above, so I practiced a winter vacation, be very effective. Can almost point to the basket. I figure in general. Neither fat nor thin. There are technology category. 60% in the cast will be turned A ah. Their heads off. Rod-like. I ask what kind of physical power forward should have? I had no problem rebounding, rebounding, playing games guaranteed. How it should lay a solid power forward? A top power forward needs to what is technology? Want to be able to answer their own experiences. Best not to copy someone else's. . Thank you.
king11432010-03-25 01:14:58 +0000 #2
you are 14 years of age 177, and I almost high. . . . Great advantage of height, multi-practice very defensive bar, card bit, blocks, fill the class defense, and Enhancing the opponent can create a huge deterrent to the right place game where people are basically playing a few caps on your own Chu had.

Your body in general, the skill, to coordinate the attack could be pulled high, to guard pick and rolls, you have to vote to pull air in the other lane, you can also turn the basket ball at a high level or directly thrown back, these technologies are good, hard-defense.

Anyway, you can see more of Kevin Garnett's play, I feel more suitable for you
al29188622010-03-25 01:30:41 +0000 #3
pass slightly. . . Power forward in the coordinated action on a very important contact center and the outside is an important channel should train pass 呀 -



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