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Help 』『 matters relating to a foot injury recovery time

zhaokidd1232010-03-25 03:11:00 +0000 #1
I January 5 feet Wei injury, rest 23 days, in the middle playing a cast

doctor diagnosed is a ligament strain, a ligament from the joints

Now, I get out of the injured ankle is all right, but still a bit stiff not sprint

Please suffered injuries friends who talk about my own experience, to provide some recovery programs

about how soon to resume normal play (this winter is a good practice is to play)
off mess2010-03-25 03:14:37 +0000 #2
proposals is best not to, and ligament and soft tissue contusion type injury recovery is very slow, especially in the winter, I am ten years ago, knee soft tissue injury, and now there is still pain, health of the most important, and then talk about technology, ah

As for the warm-up before playing basketball no more than two, the ball and without the ball, the ball is run basket, pass the ball ah, no ball is jogging and ligaments stretching, I personally believe that the most important ligaments stretch



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