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Nike Skateboard wear to play basketball every day, what will happen?

yjames2362010-03-25 05:10:21 +0000 #1
Nike Skateboard wear every day to play basketball, running, what would happen? (One hour a day) the frequency of the rot away?
327,236,0812010-03-25 05:12:43 +0000 #2
insider if you type the words of two players outside heel easily polished to a breakthrough player, then there must be polished to Neice feet fasten your shoelaces would not by bleeding to run wear
ffbgff2010-03-25 05:50:12 +0000 #3
for you foot is not good, is easy and accurate, that is to an injury, two that affect bone development.
gnhljf2010-03-25 06:33:31 +0000 #4
after all, a very solid Nike authenticity is not easy to play bad, but best not to wear Skateboard Well
CF put forward a Trumpet2010-03-25 06:06:07 +0000 #5
1. will become old. 2. It for tension and compression-shear-torsion bending stress measurement, and then calculate the fatigue strength.



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