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qdwudunchuan2010-03-25 10:11:18 +0000 #1
I 12-year-old 1.72M, there are speed bounce, break and attack the basket and hit a higher rate, setting screens for passing awareness of good space shooting high, dribble pretty good, that is, hit rate With the decline in physical decline, one-third is not good, in the distance range of activities, you heroes make a suggestion that the play what position, how the training, the more detailed the better, first thank the
xlx0002010-03-25 10:15:08 +0000 #2
typical small forward scatter, there is speed, bounce, can suddenly be able to vote, can play high and low Trying to have sudden passing sub-conscious can play, but can also be vacated to vote, hit much to do with physical fitness related to usual practice when the shot should be a high strength, or have some physical exertion, after training, one-third of the ball is not the mainstream, will vote, there is a certain threat can be, do not deliberately request

train Well, first of all physical fitness, basketball is run and jump, run and jump have to physically well; and speed: I am the center: So on the speed training did not understand; then shot, after all, you are younger, we must first develop a good action, specifically, is not clear, on-line should have the information, and then hit rate, because competition among the space very few shots, it is proposed that the pressure in a defensive shooting situation, or thought they shot after the physical training, shooting practice should be more, after all, the small forward scored instruments are primarily investment. As for the break, it says clearly, I basically inside the ball, breaking the big play all Crimping small. If the proposed attack and stuck a big hit, after all, people higher than you, if you hide, then gave him a take-off space, the chances are very large hat, unless you are physically a lot stronger. Almost before bed. Hope that tomorrow to see extra points O (∩ _ ∩) O 哈哈 -
talent15way2010-03-25 10:30:27 +0000 #3
Small forwards -! To do was break up a!

Do you mean that your problem now is that physical and 3-point shot of the problem. It analysis.

First, physical fitness, to be honest, physical training is the most bitter and most to no avail. Just run 10,000 meters, the first two days and then take a break, it still would not raise the physical - physical training lies in persistent! To find your own way to go, that is, long-distance swimming ah ah whatever.

As for the 3-point shot, in fact, your qualities as a small forward, in the middle distance and close-up activity is very lethal, I think, your 3 minutes to vote as long as the three try to practice very Paowei catch the rhythm and feel of sub-baskets you can, and do not like the T-MAC, as the stem pull! Hamilton watch more video, learn, including Pao Wei, catching, shooting action, hand type, body shape. Then look at cold-called free-market run a 3-points, is very handsome! !

呵呵 - I wish you success! !



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