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Who can a brief analysis of Wade's performance in the 10 season and why

Su Daji __2010-03-25 10:11:30 +0000 #1
if title.
Camus_TRY2010-03-25 10:24:36 +0000 #2
This year is the contract, faced with a variety of rumors, as well as its own pressure, the team's record, there will inevitably be ours. On Today, for example, although the Miami victory, an end-game losing streak, but still can not see the face of Dwyane smile ...
Yan Miao Xin Yao Sen Biao2010-03-25 10:40:45 +0000 #3
Wade generally not as good as last season so well, mainly the following:

1. Heat over-reliance on Wade. Last season, Wade's role is to dual-energy health, and this season, Wade has become almost a fight to the No. 1 position, but the same is yet another need to undertake the task of scoring. Jermaine O'Neal is now the peak has passed, inside a small mass destruction, and more reliance on tactical coordination, and in the distance, almost an enhanced version of Udonis Haslem, so that the other party can expand the defense, leading to weak outside Miami, in particular Wade , because he unstable. Therefore, regular, comprehensive Heat inaccurate. In defense, the Heat In addition to Wade almost everybody is a loophole, for example, the Green Army, the last moment, there are today, so Hayes in the first section of 4 minutes and 9 boards, Hayes ah! ! !

2. Beasley. Beasley improvement over last year there, his shot at times as the number and playing time, must be higher than Wade, of course, he also shared a number of the corresponding attack on the pressure, this may be a relationship with the tactical arrangements.

3. Opponents very carefully studied the Wade. After last season, after the madness, all teams have set their eyes Wade, so he will always be some time to break through defense, pincer attack, or the complement defense, but Wade at this time would choose to pass a general, but team-mate in addition to Beasley, who has almost no stability in play, which led to this point Wade defensive intensity and 3 together with the attack often, and even an anti-human complement, due to height restrictions, Wade hit rate will decrease .

4. Himself. This year is Wade's contract year, no reason why he should be a good fight, but look at Wade's attitude, he seems to have decided to leave Miami, I think Wade was originally want to play back in 2009 after the bright spot, attracting big-name, but the Riley is only a summer, circling the A Q, which is rather disappointing to Dwyane, may now have been problems within the Miami, in short, did not last season, Wade is now less positively.



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