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Basketball back in disguise how to make the opponent off balance

9oodxuxu2010-03-25 20:11:55 +0000 #1
My 15-year-old is only 175 vertical jump height is 85cm fast speed can also be a disguised form in front of adults, but I can always steal too slowly because the people around him are very high So, I'm not a two-thirds vote cast in a very small percentage of hits so good I want to know when the grown-ups how to Akira that he had dropped out of balance in the inside face of an adult, he still shot when you want to teach one how to teach me and Thank you, friends adults.
★ trajectory ★ ┅ ┄2010-03-25 20:22:48 +0000 #2
175 rows of tall, is also `` `re low point may be true Moxi a ```

`` `` bounce over and thought they had other people to stand inside a good bit defensive when you better not go into is finding the cover of `` `` Unless you are very superior `` `can jump in the air to make a very realistic fake ``` But if you encounter a `` Defensive insiders thought they dumped more than ` `` `This is a tall defender of the most commonly used method ```

As for the extraordinary change direction, it is using a `` `center of gravity to the defense of your people drive up and then changed to `` point to be confident when you change the focus to a certain To put your balls have a lower `` ``` This is not easy to transport a broken ```

`` `Just remember lowered center of gravity changes when the balls are to be sent to the very low and the change to the ``` The time to a sudden `` `Do not let the other see that you want to change to a ``` `` `multi-skilled and thought they had like a
hgfliubin1232010-03-25 20:17:58 +0000 #3
extraordinary Whether he is high or low, point is you have to put his Akira partial center of gravity. Means that you are the first fraud action, let him follow you move the center of gravity, and then you suddenly a disguise, and his focus on the shift did not come back, so you can easily fall off him. The trick is to deceive extraordinary grasp the defender can not move their center of gravity.
224 Link2010-03-25 20:39:40 +0000 #4
had grown very simple, first thing you take the ball of Lianshu, remember, is Lianshu!!! Do not know what to say adults are age, 5-6 years older than you, if it is difficult , they are in the best physical condition, your age is still growing growth, strength faster enough, and if Akira over 35 dribble if you want to quickly add-STOP can be disguised, the ball is faster, range of motion should be Great, so Akira is very easy in the past.



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