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NBA home and away on the issue?

xldwcnm1232010-03-25 21:10:11 +0000 #1
In general, the two teams will play the home crowd cheering for himself, because it is local. But I have a question, if the Lakers to the Clippers, the Los Angeles Clippers at home, the floor is the Clippers, but Los Angeles audiences are people, in theory, should give the Clippers fuel, but the Los Angeles Lakers than the Clippers to support multi - Therefore, the audience it possible defection to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Clippers fuel, as are the people in Los Angeles.
I - khashab too2010-03-25 21:22:16 +0000 #2
Los Angeles fans indeed faced with the question of which team, a number of songs like the Kobe Bryant of course, liked the Lakers, while the iron on the support of LAC Clippers. However, Los Angeles belongs to the nation's second largest city in the western United States led the development of Los Angeles, there were many nobles, these elite ballpark is merely to pass the time, a problem can be well illustrated, the Lakers home attendance with 99.8%, ranking Union, third, while the away attendance there are 103.6%, ranking the league, so fans will not be too concerned about the Los Angeles Shuiyingshuishu, because the Lakers and the Clippers are their teams
CANaug2010-03-25 21:47:23 +0000 #3
The fact is that way.

Los Angeles Clippers at home is equivalent to the Lakers for two more home.
xsdcsx1232342010-03-25 21:26:11 +0000 #4
What you want to ask?



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