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Practice basketball dribbling proficiency

luckorange2010-01-17 07:01:11 +0000 #1
ask how you are practicing dribbling the ah? Can tell us that you practice dribbling solution? (I hope is that you are used to themselves, and you feel effective)
Amen2010-01-17 07:16:58 +0000 #2

practice dribbling most important thing is your hands on the ball have feelings! ! !

So the ball is to not leave your hand! ! !

I was the first summer basketball practice, sleep will be holding the ball! !

In fact, under cross-practice can be, so you can feel the ball at a high level to the flu, nothing to go Bounce the ball, dribbling Mile! ! !

Rhythm changes, control of their own rhythm! ! !

No special training methods, mainly to practice! ! !

I have a few you can try it! !

Training: standing on one end of the stadium. Hands each holding a ball, and then walked to the other side, first his right hand on the ball bounced to the floor, when the right-hand side of the ball hit the floor when the bomb into the left hand side of the ball to the floor. Thus went the other side of the stadium. When you start to feel a little bit to adapt to carry out the practice, and on speeding up the pace. Theoretically, in the end you will be able to dribble with both hands forward in high-speed, and the level of left and right should be the basic equivalent. Do not belittle this dribbling skills quote disabilities Oh! I have seen NBA and WNBA players also remain in the training before conducting the exercise. It looks difficult, is actually quite simple, so you want to be a good way to have confidence in the players master ball.

Ring "ball" Travel Tips 1

dribbling skills: in your head weeks around the ball, and then around his waist and finally keep her legs together around the ball in the knee at practice doing. Then bent down, separate the legs, around the leg at the ball, and then a leg. The exercise ball will help develop your sense of coordination, additional training your hands and the rate of

scissors "hand"

dribbling skills tips 2: Start the exercise prior to placing your left foot his right foot before the ball between their legs and then transported to the left hand up by his right hand. When the ball left on your feet when you change the location of your left foot so put your right foot on the ball before the time back to the right hand from between the legs. Yun-feet every time we change position.

"Crazy" Side mad grasping

dribbling skills Tips 3: The practice can further improve your ball. Holding the ball with both hands between his legs, his right hand in the former left behind. Rapidly changing hands (At this point the left hand right hand earlier in the post) the ball does not fall. Moves quickly as possible. . . The exercise is the hardest training throughout the system, but is only to give a little more practice.

Crabs "walking" Step

dribbling skills tips 4: The exercises can be conducted at the baseline to the half-court. At the same time to move forward with the left leg from under the left leg from the right hand to left hand dribble. Take the next step is to move forward with the right leg at the same time from the right leg, from left to right under the dribble. The whole process is repeated practice of these two movements.

8-shaped around the ball dribble techniques tips 5: separate legs, bent over, his hands alternately ball between his legs was doing eight-character type with both hands around the turn of the ball movement. Around the turn of the ball in your hands the ball when you feel helpful. Do not look at the rise of the ball and then speed.

8-shaped paste to dribble

dribbling skills tips 6: This is a practice ball-handling training. As quickly as possible around the dribble between the legs in his. Use your fingers when you dribble, and are to be sent very low very quickly. Transported from right to left, and then shipped back to the right. Example: Using the right hand began to dribble in advance and then continue to use the right hand from between his legs transported across, changing to the left along the left side through the legs and transported to the front of body. . . . . . Then after the change to the body along the right side of the right hand dribble. As soon as transportation, your ball skills with daily practice to be enhanced.

Eight-character-type locus dribble

dribbling skills tips 7: The ball is along the left lateral movement from the back. Then from your body and then through the right leg before their lateral movement from front to back. Then, after the ball in the body and between his legs. When the ball bounce, the flip palm to catch the ball from the right by the back to front from the left from front to back transport. The ball catch the ball when the next bounce. Maintain the eight-character-type dribble lines.

RP-eight-character-type trajectory dribble

dribbling skills tips 8: The practice and earlier in the eight-character-type trajectory dribbling essentially the same as the steps, the difference is that when you are dribbling moves to the contrary. Then, after the ball bounce the ball along the right leg, left leg lateral transported to the front, and then shipped back along the left leg the past.

8-shaped in situ to run around the ball

ball-handling skills tips 9: According to the fifth years, as a small quote with disabilities around the ball between the legs, but the difference is to add in-situ run.

A pair of 2

dribbling skills Tips 10: Dribble to seek a breakthrough to let the two people you can effectively improve your defense in the high-intensity defense capability under the dribble. This will help alert you to the defender, while using a variety of dribbling techniques to avoid being broken.

"Biography pick" the ball

ball-handling skills Tips 11: Using both hands between the legs from the body by a bullet to the body before, after, in the body of the ball after the catch with both hands. Then, both hands and then through the legs from the body between the post-bomb to the front of body, in front of body with both hands to catch the ball. The exercises help to improve body awareness.

Sit-ups dribble dribble skill Tips 12: When doing sit-ups, in the rose at the feet of right-handed dribble, the next time for lying to the left hand, got up the next time when you left-handed In the feet, dribble, and then in exchange for left-handed. As quickly as possible to proceed with the practice.

"Squeezed banana juice"

dribbling skills Tips 13: The exercises used to strengthen the power of your fingers. Binocular horizontal position at the ball, his hands alternately squeeze the ball with the fingers made force the ball as quickly as possible in the hands move back and forth between. To enhance the strength of arms and fingers will help improve your ball.

"Kuangpai Kuangpaikuangpai"!

Dribbling skills Tips 14: This is another one began to look very male practice, but if every day practice, then, can enhance your skills. This practice was called this name because it is what you do. . . . . . Put the ball between your legs, the first right hand (finger) Bounce the ball in front of body, and then left hand (finger) Bounce the ball in front of body, and then his right hand after the in vivo Bounce the ball, and then was left in situ after the Bounce the ball. Bounce the ball as quickly as possible and sustained way. Soon you familiar to the practice.

Dribbling skills to climb the escalator Tips 15: In the front straight ball with both hands, with fingers pointed at the hands to pass back and forth. Both hands around his waist has always been a huge challenge from the top. The exercises help to enhance fingertip control of the ball, the ability to completely skillfully dribbling is essential.

In the play when the focus is practical! ! !
Rookie2010-01-17 07:47:32 +0000 #3
is the most basic ah, in-situ dribble, lunge dribble, dribble left and right hand (which can be about the exchange can also be two hands together), practice changes in rhythm, or high or low, or fast or slow, and only Enhancing basic skills can there be further development. Ah, like what are the crotch Enhancing basic skills, and have a ball sex, it is natural that will eventually get it. Refueling Bar



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