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Yao Da basketball school, and please help me think about what tactics should be used in our class

dqy9106062010-03-25 22:12:02 +0000 #1
I want to say that the situation, a total of 40 games, each 40 minutes, 10 minutes per session

I was PG and captain, height 186cm, dribble better, the speed can also be, passing awareness of good defense can be, but the attack is poor, and sometimes can not get into the basket, shooting even more impossible

our class of SG, is the number one scorer in our class, is a shooter , 180cm, shooting is very accurate, but apart from shooting almost anything will not be a

SF, technology is full of a comprehensive, that is unstable, sometimes good and sometimes bad, but very good steals, 180cm

PF, regarded as our class of coolies, 183cm , rebounds well, almost not involved in attack

C, the main inside our class, the cast satisfactory, it will hook, but not a solid pace, dribbling is not very good, 190cm

our class there are three substitutes, but none of how powerful, we should use what tactics, how substitutions?

In general do not have to say that last year our class is the third, 36 wins 4 losses, our goal this year is the first, we have ways to deal with other classes, only the last year's first, they did not lose a year, mainly is that they have two our school superstar, an SG, 188cm, technology is a comprehensive, good physical condition, you can windmill dunk, the other is the center 196cm, basically no solution to fight back, especially the turnaround jump shot, very powerful

Last We play them twice, two of our state are very good, as hard, or lose, how should we deal with them should take what kind of defensive strategy

Empress McGrath2010-03-25 22:25:50 +0000 #2
4-3 -- 2-1

defensive counter-attack
54555912010-03-25 22:29:08 +0000 #3
actually hate simple, with double-teamed, and defense, can not let them get the ball the best, they give desperate that you will not be far away from the victory, do not tell me that two anti-anti-1 are not ah to live, especially the center can only be beaten as long as the double-team pass. For more than a man shot in the prevention of someone else's strategy.
dyxddfk2010-03-25 23:26:37 +0000 #4
how to play 40 games ah? What is the school ah? University?真爽 ah. Your meter eighty six ah, and I like it.
qjlht2010-03-26 00:01:00 +0000 #5
defense when defense with 23 bar.

Attack on the C if you have a good main lane, and then running without the ball players to note. C not hit enter, you pass out of your shot. There is not a pitcher do? ? Give him the cover to play without the ball. Him space. Backboard is also guaranteed.

If we encounter the first year, you must first ensure the backboard. Then that is double-teamed bar (2-3 defense there are double-teamed) to the two men choked to death. In particular, their C! 196. A good high. Double-teamed, and then there are shorter people to steal the best good to harassment, destroyed his ball. In addition, and the first fight, do not fight positional warfare. Is best to use the fast break or a long-range shooting. Because of your C in front of them without any advantage. Grab rebounds when the care of their C · to one elbow ah like that. Two of his top behind.
babykico262010-03-26 00:18:47 +0000 #6
What league? school Mody? "confident that your height has been good. carry a body ok! wish lz take Champions!



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