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Michael Jordan in 2003 with the 76ers retired the last time wearing a pair of basketball shoes Which

Watch AllenFans2010-03-25 23:10:11 +0000 #1
Jordan in 2003 with the 76ers retired the last time wearing a pair of basketball shoes Which?

Is the April 17, 2003 morning, the Wizards and 76's that game, which Jordan wore a pair of basketball shoes?
Blue Hippo2010-03-25 23:13:04 +0000 #2

Air Jordan 18 shoes are a pair of signature on behalf of the full expression to the Michael Jordan's unique style and charisma of the top basketball sneakers. Designers that Jordan on the court by revealing elegant movements and gestures between the temperament is the Jordan 18 to pass out on behalf of a major feel, and therefore the most advanced sports science and technology and from the game of basketball in the perfect combination of inspiration, and this shoe is also destined to classic shoes will be a Hall of Fame in the years to write a beautiful chapter in the classic good shoes.

Jordan 18 on behalf of the season in China, launched a total of three colors, in February launched a 305869-041 black / blue sports section, which has an excellent texture full grain leather and suede uppers; in July launched a 305,869 -101 white / blue sports section, full-grain leather upper, white and blue upper, revealing Yi Gu honorable of gas; August 1 launch of the latest 305869-161 White / campus red, full-grain leather, white upper and red upper, to enjoy the personality and dazzling Fans were the best surprise!

all the details of chrome-plated full-grain leather processing Gengrang emerged in perfect physical sense of the value. Between the soles of his feet in the heel and the former part of the special design of holes to increase ventilation, shoelaces Department also specifically added to make the lace in the upper layer of intense basketball is not easy loose. Fa Foam with Lycra elastane shoes collar manual design, a full service posted wearers foot, so that the pairs of shoes have a great comfort. Shoe heels at specially installed high-tech carbon fiber in order to provide additional stability for the ankle support.

Full foot whole piece ZOOM AIR cushion insoles will be directly located in the bottom, while this piece of full-length ZOOM AIR under the heels Office also add another piece ZOOM AIR, this two-tier thin air-cushion design will surely be enough to provides the best of the rear shock absorbers. Upper covered with lightweight PHYLON midsole, upper and midsole to suture through the hand-stitched with strong, minimalist styling, durability good, while providing excellent foot to control the feeling of riding. Sole fish-bone pattern notches offer both a horizontal or linear movement needed to grip. Has a chrome-plated Jumpman logo (trapeze flag) of films separated TPU front and rear feet of the hard rubber outsole. Extension covered with hard rubber heels up a stable film, and so to provide additional protection after the heel and ankle design inspiration is derived from the traditional design of racing shoes. Heels, exaggerated at the nine dots, with the toe fine, "Mobius circle" echo each other, representing a "Jordan 18" and the eternal spirit of Michael Jordan.

From the Jordan 18 on behalf of a number of extraordinary high-tech design, we can feel the spirit of artistic beauty and the perfect combination of sports, and more importantly, Jordan 18 will be excited every player wearing it into the realm of the leading edge of desire, to help the players in the basketball court to have the best performance. Therefore, this dual representation of the Jordan spirit and the top-level scientific and technological content of basketball shoe, it will be every fearless courage, the courage to pursue the highest state of perfection of the players the best option.

Product Name: Air Jordan 18 - White / Red Product Number :305869-161 Type: Basketball Shoes Brand: Jordan Brand Color: white and red upper: High Upper Material: nubuck leather Midsole Material: PHYLON outsole material : Rubber Hard Rubber Technology Applications: Zoom Air for players: Universal fit feet: normal enough for the venue: plastic wood flooring Listing Date :2003-02 recommendations Price: ¥ 1480 yuan
Min Jie unbeaten2010-03-25 23:19:44 +0000 #3
AJ18 Black Blue

Market 1800 price about
A_Mindfreak_A2010-03-25 23:40:06 +0000 #4
Joe 18
3316658812010-03-25 23:52:32 +0000 #5
Air Jordan 18
Bao Bai e arrowhead2010-03-25 23:40:47 +0000 #6
AJ18 Black Blue



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