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How to do basketball half-court basketball to convert audience

harrison55552010-03-26 05:10:22 +0000 #1
location bias power forward in the half-court always feel its capability to the audience how the old can not find the place I want to do to play
Death Totem 142010-03-26 05:23:13 +0000 #2
attack: attack Note down bit, the basket rather your area, but do not affect the center stations, do not running too much, the card can be a good bit to the ball. Do not worry they do not succeed hit, the ball will break off, or take the initiative to come out to help guard the ball pick and rolls, to help cover the quality of a good to do without the ball.

Defensive: Back to the anti-fast connection, we should turn back half. Confrontation, the top competitors from the inside out, if the bottom drain of people can not you see, he wanted to call out teammates. Rebounds Well, to rush to grab. If the other side fast break, or chase down, or directly after the other side labeled as sub-goals to give you a counter-attack.

Overall the team with the very important, not a loss, the team's momentum will affect your play, your play will also affect the momentum. Xie has
Dodo bamboo2010-03-26 05:49:16 +0000 #3
should first pull up the stamina to keep up with the rhythm of audience, which is more crucial

As for the field position, half-court with the audience there are still some differences, we must slowly find their own positions



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