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Why does Kobe fans will be self-contradictory

tp4ever2010-03-26 10:11:54 +0000 #1
the one hand, cried: Alliance still owes at least two MVP 05-06 06-07 Kobe Bryant should be a

other hand, he cried: It is now simply do not care about Kobe Bryant MVP MVP is give someone else The only care about the championship

By the way does Kobe era is he referring to the years
Upper 乄 hermit ℡2010-03-26 10:26:57 +0000 #2
Hehe - the first state that I am Branch honey, but the relatively cool

fans Mody there were a number of blind obedience, these people very fanatical worship of idols, so people are not allowed, said Bryant bad place to expand his advantages, disadvantages automatically ignored, of course, this is only part of the Division honey, this is usually people all of them are relatively small

I started in 2003 like Bryant, he also counted on a better understanding of it, people are basically like him because of his superb skills and playing position, and admit defeat when the grace of the character, there is his personal charm - a lot of people hate him , mainly because he was a bit hypocritical (which is quite normal, I also think that Meisha), personality is too Snob (This, and his childhood, since the child no friends in Italy), revenge very strong (which is double-edged sword Bryant's success and this related to hate his people it is not like him that, so I sometimes do what the little tricks, but it is also far from playing dirty, as long as people are familiar with the NBA in the know)

touch on a little farther back to the question, said that Bryant owes the League 2 MVP, this was purely YY, He He-MVP mainly depends on the Lakers team record 05-06 record of a pulpy .. the west is called the seventh, just 06-07 record into the playoffs as a general, but this year is Kobe Bryant re-emergence from the low tide mark, 81 points 3 62 points, four consecutive games 50 +, single-season, averaging 35.4 points .... a series of magnificent performance, and data so that Bryant stood on the pinnacle of personal realm, but the union of personal data will not be a good Jiu Ji MVP, or Joe lords in the 86-87 season, averaging 37.1 points this absolute rule, the data should also have a MVP of the

As for the present Kobe do not care about MVP, it is not possible, do not care about scoring as long as the victory of Daoshi the truth, but the MVP of the gold content of such great personal honor on behalf of the NBA is actually recognized, there is no Who would not want it? Of course, in Bryant, or more importantly, the hearts of the championship, but since there is the strength of the championship, must have also not get away the MVP.

Finally the so-called Kobe era, if only that individual, it should be 05-06,06-07, but considering the team's relationship, strictly speaking, does not exist ,05-06 and 06-07 have a strong the rule of force, but can not make the team have a good record, and then further while Bryant has a very strong, even offensive side has been deified can do whatever they want, but did not show, such as year, such as Ao Pang and Joe lords of the absolute rule of force, Later, the rise of James is a good example, although I'm not like him, but it must be admitted that he and Kobe Bryant on the offensive end with the same destructive power, perhaps by 80 years of "black and white planes" to describe this day and age is more appropriate, compared to Bryant and James, Bryant wins in technology, ever-changing gorgeous delicate, with extremely rich in offensive means, at the defensive end also has a good sense, but James is a physical good, a breakthrough super, but the most obvious I think it was pass 1:00 consciousness, which is certainly stronger than Kobe Bryant (as James is Kobe Bryant's biggest rival, it has always been concerned with him) and the Union has never had this type of talent is why he has great potential, but his style of play and posture .. personally feel that it is not flattered by Bryant's personal charisma, or more than James

So, this is the era of the two of them, rather than Kobe Bryant era, the future may perhaps James era.

But Bryant from the 05-06 season up to now has always been an extremely eye-catching super-star, but also his entire career, the most brilliant stage in the eyes of our subjects honey called "Bryant era" do not be too
Scofield_Keybo2010-03-26 10:33:03 +0000 #3
Some people care about people do not care, it is asking?
q44512202010-03-26 10:24:34 +0000 #4
this is not a contradiction is good although I do not like Kobe, but lz too radical of the two is just what they consider the so-called facts. . . Kobe is now three consecutive times before 2008 are not the Kobe Bryant era
Agent__Zero2010-03-26 10:36:38 +0000 #5
Kobe Bryant received the MVP until

naturally fans hope to be after he got 啦

fan indifference to fame and fortune then Ji Houhou

This is an honorary member of the He holds if Bryant did not effect



now the shouting fans will still be MVP
------------------------ Ji Houhou ----------

Bryant era should be from 2000 so far
tigerwoodsaa2010-03-26 11:17:00 +0000 #6
0506 0607 strength when the Lakers general, Bryant is almost a Lakers into the playoffs will, as well as over 81 points, 62 points, and so three scores feat, you can compete MVP, but the team record is not good

now the Lakers stronger, MVP is not the key, it is necessary only championship above all else

it seems Bryant has been very strong, to say the words personally think it is time to go O'Neal After the bar in 2004 started
woaini33f2010-03-26 10:54:48 +0000 #7
First of all I am not a Kobe Bryant fan

05-0606-07 brush into a high-scoring win consecutive scoring titles, some of Kobe fans think the league should be awarded to the most valuable player Kobe Bryant, but the union There's no way MVP was awarded to the team regional rankings 6,7 bit player. Otherwise, the MVP should be awarded to the queen bee 07-08 Paul.

Now Alliance has entered into a small imperial era, Bryant maintain this standard, the league's second place who may be able to keep one to two years. This is a natural development of the law with other superstars like Kobe Bryant is also Duobibuliao.

Bryant is now in the MVP, and popular aspects of competition does not win the little emperor, and the only comparison is that the team can re-aspirations to the overall winner. After all, basketball is five individual sports, if Kobe can led his unit to repeatedly used the championship, he still can say he was stronger than the little emperor

Kobe Bryant fans might say that popular even more vigorously, in China may be so, but a comprehensive world-wide, small emperor has is active the first person to basketball, from the major authoritative media and the All-Star balloting can be seen. Bryant's jersey sales in all continents first, but there he was looking from another big factor is the number one jersey.

Kobe era is to take 07-08,08-09 two years, very short, but still very brilliant
zzj56102010-03-26 10:48:31 +0000 #8
did not expect that answer did not surprise fans of Bryant, of course, I'm not, but have to admit that he's technical stance is a very elegant! His age should be considered last year, the year before Bar
45442272010-03-26 12:29:54 +0000 #9
Lou Zhu question is in fact a very radical, I am more like Kobe Bryant, I appreciate his skills and the pitch is still vested with the heart never admit defeat and honor for him personally is not the most important of the most important thing is the overall winner of all this is that I do not want to show off the contrast between 23 and 24, they each have their own characteristics with quite a few of their fans are now very strong and the Lakers had not He won three games during a 40 + 50 + By the way, the times should be the next Kobe Bryant 07-08 08-09



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