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Playing basketball is always twisting foot

DFDVV2010-03-26 11:10:23 +0000 #1
I am a second year student, technology is not good, but a few months ago for the first time since the twisted feet, then wrenched the two times a row, how is this going on? Should be how to avoid twisting feet? Do a good job warming-up do?

Twisted foot and how to recover as soon as possible?
Tian Xia Ba Kan2010-03-26 11:13:31 +0000 #2
buddies, I had to play was also injured when the main thing is to play their first warm-up of self-protection should pay attention to physical activity, but also have the right equipment to open the main thing is shoes, if you are a foot injury, then I just I suggest you bring an ankle Once Wei-foot spray Yunnanbaiyao best time was spent on the first line of not, the injured parts with cold water to prevent the edema and then is to use a variety of drugs, and a plaster-like I was playing I wish you two days of the beginning Have fun! ! !
丶 disappeared Kege2010-03-26 11:50:56 +0000 #3
successive twisting feet because the first time completely twisted feet to no good

recommended by the system to play more and Kazakhstan before the warming-up

a few days after the injury as much as possible
cloud gradually2010-03-26 11:40:43 +0000 #4
1. You do not wear basketball shoes!

2. You do not wear brand basketball shoes!

3. Your shoes slippery, for pairs of the new!

4. Action was too great!

5. Feet smaller, remember that when you look at types of shoes - shoes and front guard bit shoes are different center of gravity must be low, shoes should be big, patterns should be wide, and no air-cushion!

6. Most importantly, do not stepping on other people's feet! You definitely lose - do not know Bowen? ! That Ah liked Extends foot harm.

7. Warm-up, or just started not too fierce, especially small forwards and guards must be warm! !

8.'s Protective gear - not recommended that you try to know why the

9. Note that emergency stop, retreat jumper point of view - the angle perpendicular to the break!

10. His attention more than anything else, do not see a rebound is not terrible, there can still silly standing in a center that is not?

11. Twisted feet? Two steps ahead to determine the injury, if they can walk or take up two floor of pain hears how to say brother. If you can not go? Do not want to face, please call 120 bar buddies lift home.

12. Twisted feet, do not insisted on smash, I once had twisted his legs still refused to end the results are not moving the next morning, the road is not late, direct absenteeism!
View turtle hit the Earth2010-03-26 11:37:48 +0000 #5
brother, I leave alone the question of how to prevent and cure, I feel much more attention to your point of your body 啦. Two days is that there are passionate, it may only targeted at play happy, pay no attention to the body, if you do not keep a good foot twisting a succession of twisted legs, it is easy to make injuries accumulate, forming an old injury, Hill might become a kind of glass feet, after a little range of motion may be slightly too large it will hurt. Brother, I advise not to rush to play the happy moment, it is necessary to take account of their own body. After all, you are not professional football players do not rely on this meal, play should be limited.

Definitely, definitely good to support such injuries or completely re-play! ! The students around me have such an example.

Talk about your issues now. The main problem is the warming-up must be done to open, and preferably a relatively system activities, this can ask a physical education teacher. Yet another aspect is the protection problem, I think it is an important auxiliary, such as the ankle, or a pair of high-top basketball shoes ... ...

eventually want to be able to buddy the body as the most important! !

PS: I have 5 grade elementary school play, and now junior 啦, junior high school I am also quite like to play, but also very passionate, High School into the school team, who also has some injuries, but not very serious, the main In the knee, so I went to university, especially after sophomore, playing less, considering the reality of problems in place, we realize the importance of the body, therefore, hope that the fraternal able to protect their body.



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