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I have such an organization should be how to fight back?

421.87181 million2010-03-26 11:10:30 +0000 #1
I have a high one, 16-year-old, 181cm, 68kg, bouncing around 60cm, 20cm around the Achilles tendon, dribbling skills are good, 50m7 seconds, one about an ordinary university student I had three very simple, the ability to score highly (which can be said to be We are the strongest class, and I have been playing junior high school, small front, because there is no high school our class be able to guard, and I was playing), the rebound comes from a red plate, a very good organization on vision in general as long as the running I could spread out the space, but his teammates are not shooting my own singles high, I am depressed, it was rumored a lot of really good shots, but they are not into the space, I do not know that it is time to fight or continue to pass its own , remember, I quest for a victory, not simply to play basketball!
jason0109162010-03-26 11:24:14 +0000 #2
my proposal is very simple, it is believed that team-mate! Because the essence of basketball game five-in-one is a perfect match! I believe you are good players in this age group, but others have failed to do, after all, you look like a level! Now you usually have with your classmates lot of playing together, do not will certainly not with them Oh! - Because I often can not be trained in understanding a very powerful force ignore it!

In addition, I believe your fellow students gradually develop out of a tacit agreement with you, and slowly they are with you in basketball ability and personal confidence will be promoted!

Slowly you will become a five-member team of the unity of the invincible!

Remember that confidence in the belief that hard work to encourage unity and understanding these few keywords
cclx852010-03-26 11:24:18 +0000 #3
is very simple, first multi-pass, to trust teammates. However, when the sub-poor widening, it is necessary to play a little more than their own, thereby facilitating the teammates ran up and opened it.

If the teammates had never state, to tell the truth whether you pass or singles, no use, so you need to worry is how to mobilize the state of your teammates and enthusiasm, the ball played an active, even when the hit is not enough offense, but defense is still time be able to consume a good opponent to counter-balance.

So, you still have to be a good point guard, fall firmly under control and picked up your teammates, playing status and momentum, in which case, I believe you will not be far away from victory!
Dead fart Waer Berg2010-03-26 11:35:25 +0000 #4
In fact, you do not have the kind of position of points in high school competition is less clear. You'd better observe the characteristics of good teammates you have to allocate their respective responsibilities, you say that you are more strong singles singles inside (you should be tall enough). As long as there is a strong team-mate with the shooting ability to be difficult opponents on the anti-lived. Control bit is not easy to lose the ball to a person who can. Your duty is to score.
crespolee2010-03-26 11:56:00 +0000 #5
high school students should not be too mature to play is, so I still have to have the opportunity to more performance, but basketball is played five individuals, all you are a person can, and then there is no increase your teammates, your team after the encounter teams are not on the Moxi, so I think you should where possible use your teammates the ability to raise awareness and guide them to the correct Paowei, by a comfortable pass to enhance their ability to score again at a critical moment to come forward and make your team's Kobe Bryant. The real players in need of outstanding personal abilities, but also have the ability to lead the team, your teammates are not satisfied with the current is wrong, everyone has potential, you must be good to discover the potential of using these to get you the victory not bad players, only players with bad.
kg_X2010-03-26 13:31:03 +0000 #6
You can choose your favorite

1: Shooting guard: relying on someone else's pass or steal their own score, but you need to have extraordinary accuracy, so you can let someone else serve you

2: Organization + point Defenders: dual roles, not too many mistakes

(based on your height to play guard Tai Mianjiang Lat)

3: Small forward: the need for understanding you and your teammates, trust teammates, you have a lot of singles the opportunity to grasp, decline in physical strength, can give assists and teammate, won the perfect data to yourself

(the former is too small for you,)
62,396,2722010-03-26 12:02:12 +0000 #7
it can only prove that you are not strong enough

High School if it is true, if a person strong enough to dominate a game.

You are strong is built on top of that they are not strong.



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