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NBA players a season and a few jerseys

Theme19902010-03-26 13:10:09 +0000 #1

Royal Persian Gulf2010-03-26 13:14:04 +0000 #2
are generally two sets, one set for each home and away, of course, like the Lakers, Cavaliers, Heat, Nuggets, etc. There is a third set of team jerseys , game called "borrowed", to borrow the Lakers jersey is the white knight is dark blue, Miami's is red, Denver is also dark blue. In addition, each team also has its own set or two retro jerseys, generally mark the holiday in some wear, such as a rocket this year, the set of red and gold, magic black with thin white vertical bar.

Want to say every team member's shirt, then, of course, not the old new ones, and generally for the wear, because they are not for every kind of shirt is only one, there will be a few pieces of spare change with wear, changing down Some of it will go to wash, as the number of pieces, each of which there should be a 23's look is not too much, home and away plus borrowed a total of three kinds, that is, up to about 10 bar.



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