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livepo0022010-03-26 15:11:33 +0000 #1
First, I am a basketball fan. (Basketball more than soccer may become the world's first sports do). . . My own sense of not possible, because: 1: You can see Chinese football grades are so bad there are so many fans. 2: Do you see Kobe Bryant (8 years living in Italy), Nash (with parents immigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom) Europe nine out of ten all like football (as well as South America and Africa). 3: Every World Cup are all dead 50 people. (Not gambling lost to death, because death of a heart attack too excited. I really have not heard that playing basketball, tennis, table tennis, badminton has moved to the dead). 4: It is now smaller in Japan and South Korea and other Asian places is also developing well. Liverpool home atmosphere combined 30 NBA teams can not match. Is that we cool discuss the issue. Do not know if they have any different view.
guaishouenglan2010-03-26 15:20:07 +0000 #2
This is historical reasons, is indeed difficult to go beyond the
shuhe5282010-03-26 15:47:00 +0000 #3

but like basketball of the people were not the first movement he does

I just like basketball
ぢ Chi 兲 make づ2010-03-26 16:32:33 +0000 #4
This is is mutual, I think that is similar, it is difficult to go beyond football, but not impossible, and the world, there is no absolute thing ah. Now fewer people like basketball do? You have to look at football have developed a number of years, and basketball until many years ah? One day will be fine. As long as our unswerving support for basketball, basketball will one day become the world's first movement.
Shuai's not Zouye Lu2010-03-26 16:47:27 +0000 #5
I think it can not surpass the soccer anyway, ah nothing to do with the ball, but look at the line of
zj Dwyane2010-03-26 16:07:57 +0000 #6
First point, the highest-level basketball league is the NBA, but the NBA is not the most popular in the United States to local The ball games, but football! Now so many people concerned about the NBA, what are the reasons? Not that there are Battle, Wang, Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian and some other Chinese players to join will be a lot of attention to the ethnic Chinese, Yao! Prior to these players and how many people are concerned about NBA? Concerned about the basketball? But football is a lot of the country's most enthusiastic in other sports. Including Yao Ming into the NBA before the people in Taiwan are still the main concern about football. Yao Ming is to bring awareness and understanding of the majority of people the beginning of NBA and basketball. And now you get more basketball and soccer, just like a child holding a great potential compared with the adults (at least internally so)
liangisking2010-03-26 17:05:13 +0000 #7
Rengen Ren different views are different!
Flower rope turning the world's second2010-03-26 17:17:00 +0000 #8
As you have said. Really can not go beyond football
Xuan Xiao-qing2010-03-26 19:19:03 +0000 #9
Soccer is still No. 1, to see if the fans will know, football fans no doubt the most crazy. As for the stadium box office income, Louzhu you forget football is a game week bar, but there are thieves football tickets cheap tickets to a special class. Although I also love basketball but I still recognize the status of football



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