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Playing basketball physical exercise

Machine2010-01-17 07:01:36 +0000 #1
high school class a few of the students asked me to play with a good beat I normally hit the ball very little talent also generally playing the ball come mainly to keep up with little muscle strength is not physical enough to ask how, under to pass the physical and strength training, training 182 65KG up and then ah, I want to play SG 16-year-old half-only 15 minutes of please Bangbangmangba Thank you, the
Amen2010-01-17 07:04:26 +0000 #2
You say you rarely touch the ball! ! !

This is the most important, first of all you have to practice! ! !

As for the increased strength, then the best way is to run, in fact, when you play more Paowei effect is the same! ! !

Such a long time, they can raise the strength of the! ! !

Not a day, two days can be improved! ! !

Exercise power is to do push-ups, adhere to is the last word! ! !

In addition, multi-ball practice, increasing the ball feel! ! !

Do you want to play the position is to grab more boards, pay attention to cards-bit! ! !

In fact, what is natural what is false, it is hard in practice a person is successful, hardworking people who are not an excuse, saying that other people have talent, in fact, like to practice! ! !

You will not be worse than the others! !
Today chanced2010-01-17 07:47:57 +0000 #3
How to practice to play basketball? - Sports "Basketball

only by train is the last word, believe that they can do it in!

Practice the basic basketball dribbling ways

1. Ball, ball, using five fingers, and fingers inward contraction. The use of the ball landing in the palm of your hand to catch the moment.

2. Torso dribbling the ball on the circle around his waist, this action is the key to face forward, while the eyes do not look at the ball, and then make clockwise, counter clock dribbling practice.

3. Neck, dribbling the ball along the neck and around the exercises, this exercise forward the same face, neck, avoid the immovable, and made positive, anti-clockwise direction alternating exercises.

4. Foot plate separated from the ball feet and center of gravity lowered, holding the ball at the foot side of the plate to do the ball exercise. Do the eyes watching, and use the left and right foot to do is, anti-clockwise direction alternating exercises.

5. Cross-drop the next two legs before and after the separation of center of gravity lowered at the same time. The ball of light thrown from the front or rear, his hands quickly from the rear to catch the ball and the ball of light thrown back to the front, so when you practice over and over again in mind, try to complete within a few seconds, San Shi.

6. Knee dribbling his legs a little closer at the same time the body center of gravity lowered, the ball dribbling along the knees to do exercises. Eyes do not watch a soccer match, according to positive, anti-clockwise turn of practice.

7. Cross-eight-character drive the ball under the foot plate which is the application of the ball, the ball along the legs to do in a cross under the "8" shape of the dish the ball, while the eyes do not look at the ball, and press are, and anti-clockwise turn of practice.



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