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NBA now who can best break through

klsocool2010-03-26 22:10:47 +0000 #1
Thank you golfers!
wjk1680311892010-03-26 22:27:11 +0000 #2
Wade personally feel that they have the speed, power, disguised first-class

James the body, strength, against the first-class

Bryant fake make good use of multi-body experience a good waist stayed in the air forces of terror over the air moves

Parker hand feel and lay-X technology is absolutely cattle NBA two years ago where all the players inside scoring the highest speed class

Paul disguised as Iverson has been old Tracy McGrady did not waste a Baron Davis to fight a severe decline in health status is Kat Nobili after the injury a lot worse inside star

Now I am more bullish Ross (rose) explosive first-class, especially after a disguised form of terrorist actions to accelerate the frequency of very fast

Durant Good physical condition, master chief

Devon Harris Taiwan stay disguised pre-injury speed bovine X-STOP after the injury now do not know how

Monta Ellis (Warriors) features similar to the Harris

Basically, I think probably so hope to be able to help you
chic mad2010-03-26 22:50:38 +0000 #3
James bar a strong body
zhuppg2010-03-26 23:21:17 +0000 #4
Nanjing De handsome2010-03-26 22:42:03 +0000 #5
WADE is a breakthrough in speed in disguise, JAMES mostly crowded open opponent's body, another ROSE is also very good
xushaomingzhu2010-03-26 22:28:38 +0000 #6
Kevin - Durant, look at his games this year, both score with the penalty, unlike James less.
oo66op2010-03-26 22:29:29 +0000 #7
Wade Parker, he must be okay
bloody Doris Huang2010-03-26 23:39:50 +0000 #8
Dwyane Wade, James, Tony Parker
onion foreign ← onions2010-03-27 01:08:47 +0000 #9
Kobe Bryant
Cao Wenjie2010-03-27 01:29:41 +0000 #10
Lebrom James
call me the son of a bitch2010-03-26 23:43:53 +0000 #11
is necessarily Dwyane Wade!



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